Why Western Sydney is a Great Choice For Social Clubs

posted by Chris Valentine

There is far more to Sydney than the CBD and harbour districts. The NSW capital is a massive place, extending as far west as the foothills of the Blue Mountains. There is so much to see and do all over this iconic and world-famous city, but often visitors forget about the huge Western Sydney district.

One of the more popular things to do for locals and tourists alike is to hang out at a social club. Sydney plays host to numerous social clubs but in this post, we’ll be focusing on social clubs in the west and why they have advantages over those in and around the CBD area.

The Western Suburbs Is Cheaper

This is not to suggest that you can’t find some good deals anywhere near the central hub of Sydney City, but what you will discover is that the further you head west generally, the more wallet-friendly prices become. This also applies to social clubs in the Western Suburbs.

Not only will you be pleasantly surprised at some of the prices for awesome meals and your favourite beverages, social clubs in the west often host free shows and events to keep you entertained.

Whether it be a Lidcombe club or another social club, Western Sydney offers up numerous choices at fair prices.

The Clubs Offer More Than Booze and Food

Many social clubs in Sydney’s West are expansive, offering more than just being a place to have a drink and something to eat. As an example, Dooleys Club in Lidcombe offers other social activities that members can get involved in – either at the club or outside of the club – such as table tennis, a walking club, travel club, billiards, lawn bowls and loads more.

Live Entertainment Is Always On the Menu

As a gesture of goodwill for your patronage, many social clubs in the city’s west offer free live entertainment so you can enjoy music or a show after dinner whilst relaxing with some drinks. Often there will be a dance floor for the more lively and adventurous, but if dancing’s not your thing you can simply chill out and just enjoy the music.

Indulge Your Taste Buds With Awesome Food

Long gone are the days when pubs and clubs were renowned for serving up average food designed to do nothing more than fill the gap while people continue to drink alcohol. Pubs and social clubs in the modern world offer up some of the most sumptuous meals you’ll find anywhere in Sydney, and at decent prices as well.

The food is colourful and nutritious and a variety of meals and snacks are on offer to suit everyone’s tastes and diet. Whether it’s a bistro, buffet or restaurant atmosphere you prefer, you’ll find many clubs in Sydney’s West that offer it all for your dining pleasure.

You’ll Make Loads of New Friends

People out west are generally a very relaxed and friendly bunch. If you go to your local social club you’re bound to make some great new friends in no time. Likewise, if you join some of the organised social activities you’ll have a ready-made group of like-minded people to hang out with and enjoy your free time.

If you’re thinking of meeting up with someone on a first date, then a social club is also an excellent choice, as they offer a relaxed atmosphere where you can wine and dine without it being too intimate for a first encounter.

Chances Are You Won’t Have To Travel

No one should get behind the wheel of a car after a night of drinking, and with so many social clubs within walking distance in Sydney’s West, organising transport usually won’t even be a consideration.

If your local club is a little too far to walk, then there are always plenty of taxis about or designate someone in your party to be the driver.

Knowing you can freely enjoy a night out without concerns about how to get home is liberating and makes the experience so much more fun.

The Wrap

Don’t spend your Friday and Saturday nights sitting at home watching the same old shows on TV. Get out there and get social at one of your local clubs. You really are spoilt for choice in the Western Suburbs of Sydney.

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