Where to Find Designer Plus Size Clothing

posted by Chris Valentine

Until recently, curvy women could never find clothes that feel and look good. It seems it has been one or the other since the beginning of time. If we found something comfortable to wear, it made us look frumpy and lumpy. If we found something that accentuated all of the right spots, it also usually pinched all the wrong spots. Fortunately for those of us sized 16 and over, designer plus size clothing has come a long way recently.

Shopping at big box stores will get you pretty much the same stuff as always, though Nordstrom Rack, Torrid, and even Target, have recently become more fashion-forward in their selection. Regardless, these stores offer no customization or insight into how the clothes will fit once they are on your body. They all fit the same one-shape-for-every-size paradigm that makes shopping for clothes one of the most frustrating experiences, whether you are a size 0 or a size 24.

The advent of online shopping has both helped and hindered the shopping experience for full-figured women. At least you don’t have to sweat in a public dressing room while trying to squeeze into yet another pair of jeans that won’t fit over your hips. Instead, you get to try on clothes in the comfort of your own home, while staying cool and collected, with no one waiting in line to use your dressing room. The problem now is that the jeans still won’t fit over your hips, and you have to go to the post office in order to send them back.

Fortunately in the last few years, new fashion retailers selling designer clothes made especially for plus-sized women are emerging onto the market, and our curves rejoice. Designers are making everything from business attire to dresses perfect for a night on the town to swimwear and lingerie. It all looks great, and most of it is designed to feel just as good. Most retailers with online stores have easy return policies, and they also feature descriptions of how each item fits so that there is less guesswork in deciding what size to order.

11 Honoré

11 Honoré is one of the most comprehensive online retailers on the market today. They offer clothes for every setting, whether it is work, casual, the beach, or the bedroom. Their clothes are designed to make you feel beautiful, and they stock solid-color suits as well as flowing, BoHo dresses. They carry dozens of designer brands including Dolce & Gabbana, Camilla, and Jason Wu, in sizes 10-24. You can search for clothes by size, designer, style, and collections, so it is easy to find exactly what you want.

This retailer does not have a brick and mortar store, but they hold trunk shows in select cities, and they offer a straightforward return policy for items that do not fit. 11 Honoré includes pictures from every angle, of the model wearing the article of clothing, descriptions of any peculiarities about the way items fit, and smart sizing for items that run large or small for their stated size.


The women’s wear site, asos, offers clothing sizes for all women who may feel ignored by the fashion industry. Not only do they carry a fabulous selection of plus size clothes including business attire to beachwear, but they also carry clothes for tall women, petite women, and large-busted women. They carry brands as opposed to designers, but their curated selection of fashions is not lacking in any way. You can search by size, category, or brand, making it pretty simple to navigate their extensive selection and find what you want.

Asos does not offer any special descriptions of any sizing issues their apparel may have, but they do feature videos of their models walking and turning in every item, so you can see it from every angle as well as how it moves. Their return policy is not readily accessible from their website.

Marina Rinaldi

Marina Rinaldi offers fun, fashionable clothing in sizes 17-33. The styles are generally fairly youthful and designed for adventure and fun. They also offer lots of accessories to jazz up any look. Free shipping for items that usually go out in four to eight business days, and free returns for unused and undamaged items within 14 days of receipt. Their designs can be found in some of Bloomingdale’s locations in select cities.

You cannot search for products by size or category, but you can filter for color and collection. Their sale items are all on the landing page, which makes it easier to find some of the more affordable items right away.

Other Websites

Fortunately for us curvy women, the fashion world is beginning to acknowledge that we like to look good in our clothes, too. New designers and retailers are popping up all the time, and they all offer a different approach to fashion. When you look for a great website that offers designer plus size clothes, the main things to look for (other than the look of the clothes), are pictures from every angle, excellent customer service, quality fabrics, and straightforward return policies.

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