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Top 10 Funny 911 Calls

posted by Chris Valentine

We continue our list of top 10 funny 911 calls. Here are 5 more odd 911 recordings:

5. Locked In Car

An Orlando story about a lady who called 911 because she was “locked in her car.” The operator tells her to “pull the lock up.” Hey, it works! Brilliant!

4. Adult Cop Friend Finder

woman calls 911 for a husband

This 45 year old woman had 2 deputies over at her house (reasons unknown). When they left, she calls 911 again to get them to come back… so she can get one of the cops’ phone number! The cops returned, all right.. to arrest her.

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3. Reverend Low Down

This guy who eventually reveals himself as “Reverend Low Down” calls from his townhouse in Orlando’s Millenium Point apartments. He’s extremely annoyed with the 911 operator. When she asks what his problem is he responds “I don’t know… I ain’t no docta and I ain’t no nurse!” (warning: bad language)

2. Drunk Driver Reports Herself!

This woman called 911 to report a drunk driver. The drunk driver was herself!

1. Idiot Pot Grower

You know, typically, if you want to know anything about marijuana you would consult Google, or maybe call your pothead buddies. But you really shouldn’t be calling 9-1-1 and asking them about it. But that’s what this kid did when he called 911 and asked how much trouble he could get into for growing a plant. A “legal” question, as he put it. Well, in fairness he did get his answer.

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