The Importance of Adhesives in Industry

posted by Chris Valentine
The Importance of Adhesives in Industry is paramount to the success of many firms

Photo by CC user Babi Hijau on Wikimedia Commons

Did you know that there is almost no industry on this planet where adhesives aren’t used? That is why companies like Jessups ( work with so many different customers. But let’s take a look at the importance of adhesives in industry; we think you’ll be surprised where you can find them…

1. Ground Transportation

In the automotive and rail industries, various parts of motors use adhesives. This includes those that power the brake system, the windows, and the mirrors, for instance. Internal combustion engine gaskets use them, electric connections are coated with them, hydraulic lines are sealed with them, trims and accessories are attached with them, and more.

2. Aerospace

From NASA to Boeing, from the Space Shuttle to the Piper Cub, adhesives are used all over the place. Because they are used instead of screws and bolts, the overall weight of the components is also lowered. Plus, it is more secure than welding.

3. Medical

When medical devices are manufactured, precision is of the greatest importance. Surgical tools often have not a single bolt or screw in them. Disposable items that contact body fluids and blood usually use adhesives to bond, so that they create a good seal. And did you know superglue was invented to keep wounds together during World War II?

4. Electronics

Pick up your cell phone and count how many screws you see in there. Probably, there are none! That means adhesives have been used in it. Even if you were to open your phone up, you will notice that there are very few screws. Adhesives are used because they use a lower temperature than solder, and they coat wires perfectly. Did you know, as well, that a DVD or CD is made up by sticking pieces of plastic together with adhesives? Without adhesives, daily operation in this business would be practically impossible.

5. Utilities

In the utilities industry, adhesives are used in pipes to deliver water, oil, and gas to factories and homes. In the past, clay, wax, caulks, and tapes were used instead, but there are now specially formulated adhesives that can seal gas lines, or that are water repellent.

6. Defense

Adhesives are a truly vital component of the military industry. Their versatility and strength enables materials to be coated, sealed, or bonded securely and safely. Adhesives are found in helmets, gas masks, radio equipment, goggles, and even guns and bullets. Adhesives are also often used to replace parts that were previously soldered together, because adhesives are both stronger and lighter. Plus, materials that are of different composition can be adhered together, something that is common in precious equipment, for instance.

Clearly, adhesives are found all over the world. It would be nearly impossible to find an item that does not use any kind of adhesive in it. It is efficient, it reduces costs, and it is of high quality. The cost reduction is particularly important, because it affects cost so much (lower weight means lower shipping rates). Furthermore, they are greener and they make workplaces safer because they are solvent free.

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