Student Housing- The Checklist Every Student Has In His Mind

posted by Chris Valentine

Every student wants the best accommodation in the world, but far too often, he is disappointed by what he gets. From greedy landlords to crazy housemates, a new student always has her hands full. The situation becomes even more pretty complicated for international students who are coming to Australia and New Zealand for the first time.

If you are a student or an accommodation provider, this article is just for you. Read it up to understand what crosses the mind of an average student. The latter can refer to this article as some checklist. She can click all these points before finalizing her accommodation.

1. Housemates

Having the right room partner is going to be the single most thing impacting your college life. Surely, you don’t want someone in your room who doesn’t keep things clean or has a crazy lifestyle. On the other hand, you won’t like to stay put with someone who is a non-social character.

Since you’d want someone you can confide in, you need to have a roomie who has a patient set of ears. This wish list is endless, but if you are a student, you know what we are talking about.

2. Location matters

Students want to stay in a place that is just a stone’s throw away from their campus. They do not wish to live miles away from their classes. A typical student has some dangerous things to do in her day hours-studying. By the time she arrives at her home, she would be dead tired if her place is very far from her college or university.

The location also matters because students would like to tour the city and have fun at times. Leisure and fun are integral to the lives of modern millennial, so your typical student would like to live in proximity to bus-stations, train terminals, and airports.

3. It’s all about money

Ultimately, everything boils down to just one thing- money. A typical student will always evaluate her accommodation choices according to rent and other bills to pay. Higher rents mean lower savings, which in turn means little or no disposable money.

If you are a student, you can multiply your average rent by 4.3 to get an approximate idea of your monthly household expenses. You can also check with your student union on the payment record of your potential landlord. Surely, you won’t like a situation where your landlord doesn’t refund your deposit on time. If you are hunting around for affordable accommodation, visit website.

4. Safety

Overseas students are particularly concerned about their safety. They would want their room, dorm or flat to be safe. The last thing on their mind is seeing someone intruding into their rooms and decamping away with the money.

5. Rental and other agreements

If you are new to Australia, you need to know about the various agreements that you may be required to sign. Your rental is not a very simple document. You should be aware of the various clauses, and sub-clauses that make your rental. Read and understand the fine print.

6. Quality

Before moving in, check everything in your room. Check your bathroom. Is there any dampness in your accommodation? Please ask your landlord to remove that wetness. Is the paint coming off? If it is, again, please ask your landlord to repaint the room or the house.

In short, check everything before you move into your accommodation and document everything that you see. We have listed just a few points on the student checklist, but there are several other factors for consideration.

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