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Scarface Performed By Kids At A School Play

posted by Chris Valentine

The movie Scarface was performed by kids at a school play.

Have you seen this school play, mang? Fudgin kids performing a mother-fudgin play based on the fudgin’ movie Scarface, which you will recall features Al Pacino saying lots of bad words and killing people and doing a lot of the white stuff. And now, Scarface is so ingrained in our popular culture that kids are performing the movie in school plays.

Let’s watch:

Put up by YouTube User Cindymomof6, which seems a likely plant, since she only joined a couple of days ago.

So is this really a school play, then? It seems legitimate enough.

Hey, maybe in the future, this will be the new “Passion Play.” Yes, the Passion of Tony Montana. I’ll take you all to fudgin’ hell!

Scarface School Play

Scarface School Play

Rumor Alert

The buzz going around is that this “play” was the creation of Jonas Åkerlund, the Swedish guy who directed Lady Gaga’s Telephone video.

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