Picture Perfect Presents for New Parents

posted by Chris Valentine
There are many Presents for New Parents that will make this new chapter in their lives easier

Photo by CC user U.S. Navy on Wikimedia Commons

Whether they are your children or your siblings, your friends or your coworkers, when your favorite couple has a baby it is an exciting time for all. Although you may be tempted to buy items for the baby, there are plenty of congratulatory gifts that parents will enjoy as well. For at least the first few years, moms and dads often do not have time to think of themselves. During this time, there is no better way of showing support than sending a gift that shows them that you are happy for them and that you want them to bask in the joy of having their first child. Here are just a few gift ideas that can make their transition to parenthood an even more enjoyable experience.

A Spa Gift Card

Buy a gift card for the new parents to enjoy a relaxing message—they’re going to need it! Many spas offer a variety of services including mud baths, facials, and flotation therapy. If they have never visited a spa before, maybe a gift card will allow them to try whatever it is they have been keen on trying. They will thank you for it later!

A Congratulatory Beverage

They may not have time to get out and unwind often, but a bottle of wine will come in handy in those times mom and dad can have a moment when the baby is sleeping and they can lounge on the couch. If they imbibe, getting a bottle of wine or champagne is a perfect gift. You can take it a step further’ engraved wine bottles make a great gift that is both thoughtful and personal. It is a gift they can keep even after the vino runs dry as a wonderful memento of one of their favorite celebratory moments.


This treat is always a crowd-pleaser. Chocolate tastes delicious in the good times and the bad times. Baby is laughing? Chocolate. Baby is crying? Chocolate. Baby is finally asleep? Chocolate! Try buying or making chocolate covered fruit. You can even buy a bouquet of chocolate covered fruits for the happy couple.

Become a Personal Chef

If you are close to the couple, offer to cook them dinner. Ask them what their favorite dish is. For some, nothing would taste better than a juicy steak they did not have to grill themselves. Taking just one chore off their hands can do them a world of good and mom and dad will deeply appreciate it. Not a chef extraordinaire? Pick up their favorite takeout instead, or have it delivered through Grubhub.

Hire a Babysitter

Sometimes, the parents just need to get out. Of course they love their new baby, but they will need some time for each other. With a new baby that can be challenging, so hiring a babysitter even just for a night can be a welcome relief. Hire a trusted sitter through or offer to watch the little one yourself.

A Picture Frame

From the moment babies are born, they become the celebrities of their family. Everything is cute and wonderful. And while in today’s world every moment is captured in social media, there is still something eye-catching and enthralling about a physical photograph. There is no need to send an empty frame. Simply get a print made of one of their photos—perhaps a Facebook or Instagram photo—and have it enlarged to fit the frame or your choice.

iPhone Photo Cube Printer

This printer does just what it says. You simply place the phone in a jack located on the top of this small cube-shaped printer, select the photo, and have it printed. Voila! Now parents and family members can all share in having photos of their own.

New Pillows

It may sound out there, but new pillows can change their lives. Today there are a plethora of pillows divided by softness, firmness, materials inside, shape to the neck and head, etc. Many people prefer the My Pillow or any other memory foam pillow. With the lack of sleep parents get, every second counts, so new pillows could be just what they need!

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