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Odd Japan: Muscle March Game for the Wii

posted by Chris Valentine


This game released for the Nintendo Wii called “Muscle March” proves that Japan is the leader of the pack in oddness (and undefeated champion).

Assuming you haven’t been scared away (or driven insane) from that vid, here’s what Japanator has this to say about the game:

This May 26th Namco Bandai Japanese WiiWare release is totally insane. In Muscle March, you’ll run along with your beefcake buddies after a equally beefy thief that store your protein mix. No, not that protein. In your chase, the thief will break through a wall, leaving a hole in the wall in the shape of his silhouette. As you follow, you’re supposed to mimic that pose as to fit through the hole, avoiding slowdown. You’ll make these poses with your Wii Remote and Nunchuck, being mindful of your “stamina” all the while. If successful, you’ll hit the thief with a fabulous tackle. The game even goes 4-player boy-on-boy. To really appreciate what’s going on here, you’ll have to visit the official webpage.

Thanks again, Japan! Oh, and hey – nice muscle!

Jeff says it’s now available at the WiiWare store! Get your muscle men in bikinis, bears with barbells, gay rainbows, and Japanese music here!

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