Is Joining a Sorority Right for Me?

posted by Chris Valentine

When girls head off to college they have a decision to make as to whether they should join a sorority sisterhood. In fact, within just the first few weeks of college life they are likely to see all of the girls heading down to the sorority store to pick up all of their fancy greek lettered clothing and cement their status as a girl of the sisterhood. There is much to consider for girls as to whether or not they should join a sorority and here we are going to take a look at the pros and cons of what this decision could mean for a young college student.


In my view, the pros of joining such a sorority are outweighs the cons and as someone who was a member of a sorority, I would recommend it to anyone.


Finding friends is not always easy to do, despite being surrounded by people of your own age. Being a member of a sorority can ensure that you instantly have plenty of people around you that you can call friends, many of them will be from entirely different walks of life to you.


You will never be lonely when you become a member of a sorority and in the sisterhood you will find a community and a support system which can help you out in all manner of difficult times. Equally, the community is very active in terms of helping people and you can become a part of this when you join a sorority.

Personal Growth

Being part of a sorority can help you in terms of your character growth and you can greatly improve your social skills and your level of confidence in social situations. The reason for this is that within the group there will be girls of different ages and different walks of life, you will convert with them regularly and work your way into this community. Through this process you will grow in a huge way.


There are some negatives of being in a sorority although in my opinion they are far outweighed by the positives.

Lack of Independence

When you are part of a sorority you do kind of lose a bit of your independence as almost everything is centered around the group. There is always something going on, always someone to offer advice and usually someone who needs something, for this reason you are likely to lose out on a  little bit of independence.


Being party of sorority is abut way more than just partying all of the time, but it will certainly form a large part of it and you need to be ready for this. If you are not someone that loves to party then perhaps a sorority is not for you. Sororities should never be written off solely as groups of girls partying, but you should remember the role that this plays in being a part if the organization.

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