Facility Source Reviews the Benefits of Facilities Management

posted by Chris Valentine

We live in a tough economic climate and it is vital that businesses find ways to be more cost effective. Unfortunately, facilities management is something that many businesses start to make cuts in, seeing it as something that is too expensive. Here, Facility Source reviews what the benefits of this type of management are, and how it can actually help to save money in the long run.

Facility Source Reviews How Facilities Management Helps

  1. Facilities management leads to cost savings. Usually, land and buildings are the second largest expenditure for organizations, just after labor. By ensuring these facilities are management properly, organizations could save millions each year. Simple measures such as maintaining security and keeping equipment up to date have a huge impact, as they reduce the cost of utilities and lower the chance of lawsuits and emergency service calls.
  2. It improves customer satisfaction. People simply prefer to visit companies that focus on their appearance and that look good. A properly maintained site is shows that a business cares about its image, which customers often feel means they care about them as well.
  3. Proper facilities management leads to greater occupant retention. That is very important for property investors, who prefer to have long term tenants and maintain those relationships, than having to find new tenants. With proper facilities management, the landlord shows that they care about their tenants.
  4. It ensures businesses are compliant with code. A litigation is always only just around the corner. By having effective facilities management systems in place, you showcase that you are fully compliant to keeping environments safe and that all your buildings are up to code.
  5. It creates a ‘green’ image. More and more businesses want to be eco friendly and their facilities should be managed in this way as well. That means lowering carbon footprints and conserving resources. Facilities management can ensure no energy is wasted unnecessarily.
  6. It helps to retain personnel. People want to, and have a right to, work in a safe and comfortable environment. This means maintaining it to the highest possible standards. This will also render them more productive and enhances employee retention. At the same time, you are more likely to attract top talent.
  7. Through facilities management, you ensure your staff and any visitors are always safe. This is a responsibility that you must carry as a business owner and that means proper facilities management should be in place. There are numerous threats and hazards to be aware of in any business.
  8. It lowers the cost of health care. This is an indirect result of some of the above benefits. Fewer accidents leads to fewer employee compensation payments. Happier employees leads to fewer employees taking time off sick.
  9. It increases the resale value of the building. If the business relocates or closes at some point, having had proper facilities management in place ensures it is still in the best possible condition.

Clearly, facilities management is not something that businesses should make cuts in, but rather something they should invest in.

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