Car journey essentials that no Australian should be without

posted by Chris Valentine

Whether you have a business meeting in the next state, or you’re planning on visiting relatives who live in a territory on the other side of the country, when you’re driving through Australia, one thing is certain: you’re in for the long haul.

Believe it or not, it’s not uncommon for locals and Australian natives to find themselves caught short or wishing they’d taken the packing of their car essentials a little more seriously. How much of these items you need to take depends on the distance you’re travelling and how long you intend to be away from home. But for now, read on to discover the car journey essentials that no Australian should be without.

Car insurance

It doesn’t matter if you’re driving down the road or across the country, you need adequate car insurance to protect yourself, your property and other road users. Many drivers opt for fully comprehensive cover, simply because wherever they are in the country, they have total peace of mind. For example, if they lose their keys, they’ll get them replaced, they’ll get the use of a hire car in case of theft, towing services are available for breakdowns and even emergency transport or accommodation is possible. So, why choose a comprehensive car insurance policy? Click the link for more information.

All your car documents

It’s easy to forget about your important vehicle documents and leave them stuffed into the kitchen drawer at home, but they’re essential and they should always be in the car when you’re driving. License and registration, your car insurance policy information, your car’s manual and contact information of breakdown services will come in handy in an emergency.

A roadside recovery kit

You could breakdown anywhere. But if you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere with no other cars in sight – which is common on those remote Australian roads – then having your own recovery tools and knowing how to use them is essential. Ensure you have a spare tyre, spare gas can, a pressure gauge, jump cables, a reflective vest, a torch and spare food and water.


Remember it’s illegal to use your phone whilst driving and even adjusting your GPS or satnav is classed as distracted driving, which could result in a crash. If you need to use these items, pull over first. Don’t forget your portable phone charger, a good playlist, a phone bracket, downloadable maps and a portable Wi-Fi system for those areas where connectivity is poor.

Comfort items

Whether you’re planning on staying overnight at your destination or you may need to pull over to take a break, bringing along some comfort items will make your journey more bearable. Consider extra clothing for when the temperature drops, a UV window shade for added protection, a refillable water bottle, painkillers and bug spray, a blanket and travel pillow, hand sanitiser, your face mask and a pair of sturdy shoes in case you need to walk to a gas station.

Final thoughts…

If you’re planning on driving long distance in Australia always make sure you plan your route and let someone know when they can expect you to arrive! Better safe than sorry.

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