How Can UK Department Store Compete with the Emerging Popularity of Online Shopping

posted by Chris Valentine

Online stores are cornering more and more of the retail industry, but all hope is not yet lost for the typical UK department store.

UK department stores might be facing steep competition from online retailers but they don’t have to throw in the towel just yet as there’s hope for them to still survive and thrive.

Some of the ways, UK department stores can ensure their relevance against ecommerce sites include;

  1. Utilising localized SEO to draw online visitors to physical stores.

The benefits of a website to every business cannot be overstated and is thus the reason it’s necessary your business owns one. The average present day consumer discovers where to shop for items via a Google search. If your store is not among those listed on the first page of the Google search result, that customer will never know your business exists. Thus, you should take advantage of search engine marketing to create publicity for your business by having your website appear in search results when customers are looking for products being sold in your location. This can be accomplished by ensuring your website’s content contains relevant keywords, localised information and key phrases. But remember that your site must prominently feature information concerning the location of your store because it will improve your website’s ranking in search results for those in the vicinity of your physical stores.

  1. Business insurance

An online store isn’t as dependent on its physical location as a brick and mortar store. Thus, having insurance is necessary as it ensures your business can get back on its feet in the event anything happens to its structure or content.

  1. Develop stronger customer relationships

Consumers need a reason to leave the comfort of their home and come to your store rather than simply shop for what they want online. You can give them that reason by designing your store to be more attractive to walk-ins. The best way to accomplish this is to understand the psychology of your customer base. For example, if your business is aimed at kids, the use of certain colours as well as the décor of your store can make your place of business more tempting to visit.

Also, be sure to give all your customers the personal touch so they feel appreciated and can’t wait to do business with you again and enjoy some of your friendly and courteous one-on-one service. Developing customer relationships can allow you to expand your base further.

  1. Get more competitive with your marketing.

Social media is one way to get your physical store more noticed. By frequently putting up different content that generates curiosity about your business and what it has to offer, you will lure more customers your way. Other marketing channels you can use include automated email campaigns, pay-per-click retargeting, or simply promos.

  1. Use reviews and testimonials to your advantage

Reviews can be used to show customers what they are missing out by not visiting your store and how awesome you and your services are. Post the best testimonials and reviews in locations or on platforms potential customers can easily see them. It’s a great way to influence people to give you a try.

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