Buy a Used Car from A Dealership or from a Car Owner?

posted by Chris Valentine

Used cars have their own charm. You can find phased out models from car dealerships in Layton Utah if you are into vintage and old cars. If you go to a dealership, you have a wide range of options that will be right in your price range. Most used car owners sell their cars to dealerships, but many still prefer to sell their cars themselves. Buying from a private car owner versus from a dealership has its advantages and disadvantages.

Used car dealership

  • Car inspection. The inside of the car is the most important element that you need to check. Business laws state that car dealerships cannot sell used cars that do not measure up to standards. That means that dealerships will only sell you fully-inspected and approved vehicles.
  • You can benefit from a used car dealership warranty if you find defects after the purchase.
  • Buying process. Buying from a dealership involves paperwork that you and the company need to complete before the car is turned over to you.
  • The dealership handles all the paperwork for the sale. You just have to submit their requirements and wait for the process to finish.
  • Trade-in options. You can trade-in your car and the dealership will deduct its value from your used car choice.
  • Legal protection. Laws protect you from buying a salvaged vehicle.
  • Price negotiation. The negotiation window with a dealership is not as flexible. You usually have to pay the offering price.

Private owner

  • Car inspection. Private car owners may dupe you into believing that the car does not have any issues, especially if you don’t know how to inspect it.
  • Warranty is limited to none.
  • Buying process. The buying process is a lot more convenient and faster.
  • You and the car owner will handle and process all the paperwork, depending on your agreement.
  • Trade-in options. If the owner does not accept a trade-in, then you cannot swap your old vehicle.
  • Legal protection. Laws that protect car dealership purchases do not protect you.
  • Price negotiation. You can negotiate the price of the car.

Buying tips

  • Exhaust your options when researching about a used car that you will buy. It pays to have the knowledge before diving into buying a used car, either from a dealership or a private individual.
  • Do not be an impulse buyer. Look at several options. You may get a better deal on the second or third option.
  • Ask for professional help. Ask the help of a professional to help you check a car before buying it. He will give you feedback if the car you are looking at will give you problems in the long run.

If you are having trouble deciding where to buy a used car, consult people you know who have experience in buying from both a dealership and a private owner. You can get insights and feedback that will greatly help you in your decision making.


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