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Best Resources for First Home Buyers

posted by Chris Valentine

buying a first home


If a person is about the get their foot on the property ladder, there are many obstacles to overcome. First time buyers have to negotiate several stages, including land purchase, finance, house design, local authority approval, and finally the construction itself. All of these things are new territory to a first time buyer, and it can be a daunting prospect for some.

Help is at hand

In Western Australia, the economy is thriving, and house prices are steadily rising, as the demand for living space increases. For those who are thinking of buying a first home, there are companies that specialise in assisting first time buyers. First Home Owners Centre is one of the established organisations that are geared up to walk a first time buyer through the whole procedure, including assistance with the first time buyer’s government grant, which has just been raised to $10,000.

Financial services

This is perhaps the most difficult hurdle of all, so it is comforting to know that first time buyers have a range of services at their disposal, and with expert advice, one can secure the right loan. Skinnies are very popular with first time buyers, as the prices are very reasonable, and with prices steadily rising, one can upgrade in a few years, when it is time to start a family.

The complete package

A reputable builder will offer more than just construction, with the complete package that includes,

  • Securing suitable finance
  • Arranging the first home owner grant
  • Securing the perfect plot of land
  • Design and construction of the home
  • Assistance with stamp duty commitments

Without such a service, the first time buyer would be swamped with official documents, and would have to deal with several different organisations before finally receiving the keys to the property.

Modern developments

Western Australia has some of the best builders in the world, and there are stunning developments, all with essential services, such as schools, hospitals, and shopping facilities. An established developer would offer a choice of several large residential projects located in and around the Perth area, all with excellent facilities.

Display homes

When a customer chooses a home design, it is essential that he or she can experience the layout before making a commitment, and a display home allows one to do just that. It also gives one an insight into how the interior décor can make all the difference. Should a person have their own design in mind, a team of designers would be happy to work with the client to ensure the living space is specifically tailored to their lifestyle.

Say goodbye to renting

The sooner one gets onto the property ladder, the better, and many years ago, a newlywed couple would expect to rent a property for at least 5 years before having any hope of securing a mortgage. Today, however, one can secure the land and the home at an affordable cost by using the services of a builder that focuses on first time buyers.

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