The Best Medical Schools in the UK

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The Best Medical Schools in the UK offer world-class instruction in medicine

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If you have decided that you want to study medicine or even dentistry, it’s important that you do your research and find the right medical school for you. Finding the right fit when it comes to your education is crucial as it can affect the time you spend studying for your all-important degree. You’ll want to ensure that the institution you choose is able to provide a rounded experience for you, both in terms of education and life experience.

Of course, there are practicalities to consider such as entry requirements and deadlines for applications, but if you have an idea of where you would like to study medicine then you are already on your way! It’s incredibly important to enjoy your time at university; whether it’s to meet lifelong friends or to gain the best possible teaching you can.

There are, of course, some schools that are better than others for various reasons; this is why university league tables exist. You may not be concerned with going the best medical schools in the UK, but you might be interested as to what the top few could offer you in terms of your medical degree.

Top Medical Schools

Of course, you couldn’t mention best universities without the powerhouses that are Oxford and Cambridge. They have been held in incredibly high esteem for some time now and many students strive to attend either one.

Oxford’s medical school places a particular emphasis on the basis science behind medicine, providing intellectual training for its students. It’s a relatively small medical school, building a friendly and relaxed atmosphere for you to enjoy. There are designated teaching centres for medicine too.

Cambridge encourages students to become compassionate and skilled members of the medical profession, equipping them with the information to carry out good medical practice. Cambridge offers a combination of scientific approaches together with the development of communication and other vital skills needed to work with patients.

Newcastle’s medical school offers a focus on particular areas such as ageing, cancer, genetics, drug development and neuroscience. Its aim is to turn scientific advances into benefits for patients; this strategy has achieved great results over the years. Newcastle offers centres of research excellence across a variety of topics such as genetic medicine and neuroscience, ensuring that scientific research is constantly underway.

Edinburgh is also a top university for studying medicine. Its medical school is located in a building next to the Royal Infirmary Hospital, complete with its own lecture halls, laboratory and library. By UK standards it’s a large medical school, and it offers the concept of vets, medics and biomedical scientists all working together to study common causes of disease.

Resources to Further Your Education

Of course, it’s important to find the right school and work hard to get there. However, there are so many other resources to help your studying efforts apart from lectures, seminars and clinics. You should take some time to consider what could boost your results and knowledge. Of course, the likes of libraries and study groups are a fantastic addition to your curriculum; providing a focused environment to ensure you know everything you need to for any upcoming exams or assignments.

However, you could also turn your attention to online revision. With so much material now online, there are medical online revision apps that can help you learn on the go and ensure what you are learning stays fresh in your mind. This is a particularly brilliant aid when it comes to exam season. Taking proactive steps in helping you remain productive could mean that you do better than you ever thought you could!

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