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8 brilliant uses for double-sided tape

posted by Chris Valentine

Double-sided sticky tape isn’t one of those items that comes immediately to mind, but they offer more functional benefits than you could imagine. Whether you are having trouble getting items to stay in a fixed position or you need to use it to repair some items, we have provided a few ways you can successfully use your double-sided tape.


Use double-sided sticky tape for your arts and crafts

You can enhance your art and crafts through gift wrapping, scrapbooking, and paper crafting. Some ideas include using double-sided tape and rolling it through glitter to enhance the effect on gifts and candles. You can see some scrapbooking examples in the video below.

Keeping pictures on a wall

It depends on the weight of the picture, art or frame, but you can easily use double-sided tape to keep your favourite pictures on the wall or even on the desk at your office. Just make sure that the surface that you stick the tape on won’t strip the paint.

Stair treads

Similarly to applying carpet and rugs, you can apply double-sided treads to your stairs to reduce the risk of slipping and to protect your stairs from wear and tear. Simply cut the stair treads and apply the heavy-duty double-sided treads underneath. Once done, firmly apply the treads to the stairs.

Using double-sided tape to enhance your fashion

Double-sided tape is great to use to get the perfect look. Many women use double-sided tape to get their fashion apparel to sit perfectly on their bodies. For example, taping down your belt strap so it sits perfectly. Or having an open shirt look by pinning down your collars with double-sided tape. Additionally, the tape can be applied to the skin safely, allowing you to have your shirt, dress or fashion accessory sit perfectly on you so you can present your perfect fashionable look.

Using double-sided tapes to apply lace wigs

Many African American women love to wear wigs. The trouble is getting the wigs to stay on their head successfully throughout the day and to appear natural. Using double-sided tape helps a lot of African American women to achieve a more natural look when applying their wigs. You can see a demonstration in the video below.

Double eyelid tape

This has been a growing trend in Asian countries such as Korea where Asian women want to enhance their facial beauty with double eyelids. It’s increasing in popularity since these women would previously opt for a cosmetic operation that could potentially leave scarring. In the video below, you can see how the double-sided tape is applied to create a double fold and give the woman bolder eyes.

Replacing your smartphone’s screen

You can use 3M double-sided tape to replace the screen on your smartphone. Should you crack or damage your screen, using 3M double-sided tape is an easy solution to use. Unlike using other adhesive tapes, you can easily remove this tape by using a heat gun should you damage your phone again.

Laying carpet or rugs

One of the major frustrations people have when they place carpet or rugs within their homes is how often they slip and catching the corners so that they curl up. You can prevent this from happening by applying double-sided adhesive tape to the bottom edges and corners of your carpet and rugs. Once applied, remove the film on the back side and place the carpet or rug in your desired location. Firmly push down the carpet so it sticks to the floor successfully.

These are a few of the brilliant ways you can use double-sided tape. Take a look around your home or office to see if there are ways you can use double-sided tape to your advantage today!

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