5 Tips for a Restful and Fulfilling Staycation

posted by Chris Valentine

When it’s not possible or convenient to get away, then a staycation can be a better idea. But how can you make it feel just as good as a real vacation? Here are 5 tips for a restful and pleasing staycation to remember.

2.Get a Better Night of Slumber

Sleeping is one of the most restorative things that you can give yourself. Away from noisy alarms to get you up and off to work and snuggling up under a quilt and on a supportive new mattress – there’s nothing quite like it!

However, if your mattress is poking up at you when you roll over the wrong spot or it’s sagging to one side, the message is clear; it’s time for a change to something hypoallergenic, supportive, and conducive to a hotel-like sleeping experience.

It’s possible to get a bargain as well. Just look for the best mattress sales on Black Friday and you’ll be ready to sleep happily through part of your staycation. Isn’t it about time?

3.Become a Foodie!

If you don’t have time to indulge in some of your favorite dishes, then use your staycation at the right time to do just that. Those complicated food dishes that might need a fussy 12 special ingredients which you don’t usually have time to prepare are perfect now there’s time to spare!

If that sounds like too much work to you, then order in some takeout from a favorite restaurant that now delivers. Use a service like GrubHub to organize it. Avoid queues or waiting to be served and enjoy delicious food at home.

4.Getting Your Green Finger Back

If you enjoy spending time in the backyard but it’s almost a lost art to you now, then time at home is perfect to rekindle your love of the gardening.

Take time to walk around your garden to assess what needs to be done. It’ll require some care to bring it back up to its former glory. Surely, the lawn will need mowing and some plants tending to. The latter may have become overgrown and are now restricted due to how much they’ve grown outwards.

Also, if there are some plant species that you love but aren’t in your garden yet, it’s an ideal time to introduce them. Enjoy integrating their color with the existing plant life to create something both new and vibrant.

5.Digital Detox

It won’t feel like much of a rest period if you take your work home with you. A detox is what’s required to clear your mind and get off the (digital) treadmill. Otherwise, people will still bother you and if friends know that you are off work, they’ll be even more communicative than usual too. And that might not be all that welcome either.

For family members and close friends, let them know in advance that you’ll be off the internet and away from your phone for several days to chill out. Once they know this, they’ll understand. It’ll also avoid someone frantically trying to reach you because you’ve seemingly disappeared and they’re worried.

6.Create Only a Few Tentative Plans

Strike a meaningful balance between having no plans at all and completely overscheduling your time off. While it’s good to have some downtime, when it stretches out beyond a handful of days, it’s easy to start going stir-crazy, especially if you’re a type-A personality who’s usually go-go-go!

Find a balance here. Schedule events or activities that you’ve been looking forward to doing, trying, or catching up on – whether that’s a marathon of a beloved TV series where you haven’t seen the final episodes yet or taking the time to reconnect with old friends that you’ve lost touch with.

Whatever you do, ensure that you feel rested after your staycation. Don’t pack your days with so much that you need another vacation after it.

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