5 Reasons Why You Need To Have Training Before You Work In Heights

posted by Chris Valentine

Employees that must work at heights are in many fields today around the world. They can be construction workers welding on buildings. Electrical linemen deal with heights on their jobs. Roofers are susceptible to working at various heights. People washing windows on buildings must worry about being high on scaffolding. Cell phone employees have to work at the top of the towers.

The above are examples of employees that need to have the proper training to do their job safely every day. Many companies require their employees to take safety certification courses to satisfy federal regulations. Safety and protective measures ensure employees can work in this environment without risk of injuries. Here are some reasons why these measures are important for employees.

Expect The Unexpected To Happen At All Times

Some employees underestimate the risks involved when working at heights on the jobs they do each day. It only takes one mistake to be involved in a serious accident from a fall. Accidents can happen at almost any height.

Employees can slip from a 12-foot ladder because they don’t focus on the height. A roofer can become dizzy from exhaustion on a hot day to fall off the edge of a house. An employee’s safety harness might be fastened wrong due to them being in a hurry to get the job done. These are physical and mental reasons why safety is important to focus on while doing these jobs.

Faulty Personal Protective Equipment

Your employees should wear PPE at all times on the job. The supervisor or safety manager should inspect this equipment to ensure that workers are wearing safety harnesses that fit properly. Worn out safety equipment needs to be replaced. The employers have the responsibility to make sure their employees have any type of safety equipment required in excellent condition to do their jobs carefully.

Employees have a role in keeping their protective equipment in great working order on the job. They’re supposed to notify their supervisor when something is wrong with any safety equipment required for the job. Employees should understand how to use any safety equipment required. Many accidents happen because workers make a mistake when attaching belts or harnesses.

Failing To Test The Proper Equipment To Reach High Workplaces

Some accidents have happened with employees falling from a scaffold that never had rails attached. Employers are responsible for inspecting any equipment used for the workers to get to the height where they work.

Employees using a lift should know to keep their harnesses on and tied off properly without management having to correct them. Accidents continue to happen with employees not using common sense to tie their harness off when using lifts.

Using Ladders The Wrong Way Causes Falls

Ladders can be helpful when workers use them properly to get to the top of a building to do their job. When used the wrong way, a ladder can cause serious injury to anyone that must climb. Ladders have instructions with warnings on the product to inform people on how to use them properly. Knowledge is power when it comes to working safely with all tools. Workplace safety begins with both employer and employee taking safety precautions seriously.

Ladders come in many shapes and styles. Knowing how to use them by following the manufacturer’s directions is essential to work safely. Never stand above the recommended height stated on any ladder. Make sure the ladder is positioned as close to the work as possible. Secure the ladder at the ground and top to prevent it from slipping.

Improper Safety Training Causes Accidents

Safety courses are required to keep workers free from serious injuries. Many employees never receive proper safety training to prevent accidents from happening. The Occupational Safety Health Administration (OSHA) was developed by the United States to enforce standards for safe and healthy working conditions for employees. Countries around the world have their agencies to enforce the same rules and regulations.

Sydney, Australia offers height training courses for employees that need safety training on their jobs. The course duration lasts eight hours in class. Anyone needing to take the safety course can sign up at “working at heights course Sydney.”

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