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5 Effective Ways to Keep Your Employees Happy and Productive

posted by Chris Valentine

As an employer, you have high expectations for your employees. You need them to do their best and push projects through to keep your clients happy. However, disengaged or unhappy employees will only do the bare minimum amount of work, limiting your company’s growth and contributing to high turnover rates. You can take steps to create a positive work environment with happy employees. Check out these five ideas to create a motivated, thriving workplace.

1. Adopt a workplace wellness program.

Healthy employees are productive employees, which is why more companies are taking steps to offer wellness programs as a perk to team members. Larger firms might build on-site gyms or cafeterias while smaller companies will offer gym memberships at a steep discount.

These perks make people want to work for your company, but they also increase productivity. Your team members will have clearer minds when they work out and will return to the office ready and refreshed. Instead of skipping lunch and working on an empty stomach, employees can enjoy fresh, healthy food that helps them focus. Evaluate which workplace wellness programs are ideal for your company and which the benefits they’ll be able to offer your team.

2. Invest in the right tools.

It’s not uncommon for employees to get frustrated when they have to use confusing tools or outdated technology. For example, if you manage your projects out of dozens of spreadsheets, your employees may get confused or overwhelmed.

Make sure your team members have the tools they need to succeed. Additionally, look for ways to automate time-consuming or low-effort work so your employees can focus on big-picture projects. You may want to consider an AI contact center to streamline your operations and allow your employees to take on more strategic, problem-solving roles.

3. Create opportunities for growth.

While some employees might be content in their current positions, others have plans to grow their careers. If you want to keep your employees engaged, give them opportunities to learn and advance professionally. Consider sending a team member to a conference to learn more about the industry or ask a few people in management to mentor lower-ranking workers. Anyone who wants to learn more and grow within the company should have opportunities available to them.

4. Emphasize the importance of a work-life balance.

Good employees don’t always work long hours. There has been a recent push in corporate America to “work smarter, not harder,” meaning the amount of time you put in doesn’t necessarily correlate to how productive you are.

If you want happy, productive employees, give them time to relax away from the office. Show that you’re invested in their quality of life. Encourage people to take vacation days and don’t contact employees on the weekend. More workers increasingly value companies that prioritize a work-life balance and you will find that these team members are hard-working and loyal to your brand’s efforts.

5. Collect feedback and implement it.

Your employees want to feel heard. They have concerns about the work that they are doing and likely have ideas for how to improve various processes. Consider establishing an open-door policy, where workers can speak to you about any issue they have. This creates transparency and provides a space for people to share opinions. You may be surprised by some of the great ideas your team members come up with. Remember, though, that feedback is only valuable if it is applied. If you have a suggestion box that never gets read, your employees will stop sharing their ideas and pushing for improvement.

Employee happiness is something that you can build over time. While adding perks like a workplace wellness program is a good place to start, your employees will be more engaged with good management and advancement opportunities.

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