3 Reasons why You should Give Your Office a Major Make-Over?

posted by Chris Valentine

The aesthetic part of your workplace might play a much more significant and crucial role than you might have thought, as revealed by numerous workplace design studies. This is primarily because the physical appearance of your professional office plays an integral role in portraying the right impression to your employees and, most importantly, to your clients as well. However, apart from merely interpreting a positive ambience around your workplace, office refurbishment venture also play a critical role in ensuring your professional workstation maintains its optimum employee-friendly nature.

Venturing out to refurbish your office workspace can be quiet a tedious and bewildering process. There are endless numbers of factors you would have to take into consideration before you can fully proceed to initiate the remodelling procedure. The scepticism about the final product and also the uncertain nature of benefits that the entire process claims to offer is also one of the critical aspects that impede specific organizations to give up their venture of revamping their workplace.

So, if you are trapped between whether you should go ahead with the idea of refurbishing your office workplace or you should go with the flow and stick with your conventional office; here are some key factors to take into consideration.

  1. Yes, it does enhance the work efficiency

Contrary to popular belief, the concept of revamping your office workspace is not to simply improve the aesthetic nature of your working environment. If it was that simple, you might as well just let your employees work on a park bench surrounded by the refreshing ambience of Mother Nature. As opposed to such impractical approach, office redesigning process allow you to make sure your employees are housed inside a unique and comfortable space where they can utilize their optimum efficiency without feeling like they are being choked inside their own workplace.

A study conducted by the well-renowned recruitment consultancy, Robert Walters found that almost 43% of professional employees are dissatisfied with their current office design, and believe that certain key redesign elements in their office could help them work better and more efficiently as well. In fact, studies have shown that a strategic office refurbishment venture can produce tremendous productive results which can result in up to 15% increase in work efficiency.

Your office design and your employees work output are co-related in more ways than you can imagine, and workplace refurbishment is one of the simplest ways to ensure you achieve the equivalent result without any hassle.

  1. Offer something unique and distinctive

In a typical modern workplace, the blueprint of a standard office has become extremely predictable, and well, downright uninventive and unexciting. Walking into any corporate company’s office automatically promotes a convincing sentiment of professionalism, but it also depicts an unmistakable emotion of uneasy and hostile environment as well. Such an “accepted” and mainstream office design is effective only if you want to run your organization with a bunch of computerized units, or you want to treat your human employees as one.

In any case, it is extremely important that your employees walk into a room where they actually feel comfortable and, well, happy to sit and work for the entirety of their productive duration. A unique office design also makes for a convincing case that your organization is, indeed, different from the usual bunch of boring corporates. It’s one of those things that instantly represent how distinctive your company is without having to go through a lengthy and complicated marketing procedure.

  1. Inspire Ideas and Innovation

What degree of innovation and “out-of-the-box” marketing or managing concepts can you expect from your employees when you could not even invest your interest and time to provide them with a proper working environment? A squared-cubicle surrounded by motivational quotes just does not cut it when it comes to ensuring your employees are giving their best for your company. A study conducted by Robert Walters, a renowned recruitment agency in New Zealand revealed that almost 45% of the total employees feel they are not able to utilize their optimum efficiency due to the lack of a proper private space where they can concentrate on their specific Project.

Now, it may be highly impractical to provide every employee with their own private and isolated working space by assigning individual offices. But there are numerous ways to redesign your workplace to ensure your employees get their fair share of a noise-free and isolated area to concentrate on their assignments. Venturing out to fully commit to your office refurbishment process is by stretch the simplest and easiest practice to ensure your employees are enclosed in a space that can encourage them to come up with something unique and distinctively exclusive from what the normal bunch of corporate machines are “programmed” to do.

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