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Myths About Psychic Readings

posted by Chris Valentine

Think getting a psychic reading is all about crystal balls and old camper trailers behind carnivals? Think again! Here are some common myths about psychic readings debunked to give you a more realistic view about psychic readings online.
Myths About Psychic Readings

Psychics Can Remove Curses or Bad Luck
Many people believe that psychics possess the power to change their lives or that of others but it is just not true. What psychics do is give you the power to change your life. Psychics don’t grant wishes or apply curses, they simply tell you what your future may hold. This gives you the ability to make choices that will benefit you. Psychics give important advice that if used correctly can greatly influence your life for the better, they don’t provide magic solutions or remove bad mojo.

Psychics Can Give You Lottery Numbers
If psychics could give you lucky winning lottery numbers don’t you think there would be a whole lot more millionaires walking around? Think of psychics as having a 6th sense, not in the “I see dead people way” (though some have a similar gift but thats for another article…) but more as a heightened awareness of the time continuum. Time is fluid, not set in stone, but psychics are able to pick up on which way to waters are flowing, what is likely to happen to you in future. The psychics then share this information with you so you can make a more educated choice on what to do with your choices. Psychics can’t make you win the lottery but they may be able to  help you make beneficial long term choices over time.

Psychics Can Read Your Mind
Most psychics are highly in tune with your emotions but none can tell what you are thinking. This is something only found in movies. Most psychics can tell how you are feeling and how you will be feeling but not what number you are thinking of. Even when communicating with you love ones from beyond the grave, psychics will still be asking you questions, that is because they are acting more as mediums in the case (mediums are a whole set of psychics) if they could read your mind there wouldn’t be the need for conversations. So there is no use in having a psychic tell you what number you are thinking of but there is use in asking them how you will be feeling three years from now if you don’t make any life changes. As always, if something is too good to be true of seem far-fetched, it probably is. Even when dealing with the super-natural take everything with a grain of salt.

This myths about psychic reading likely cleared up ideas you had about psychics. The best way to learn about what psychics can do and can not do is by getting a psychic reading from an experienced psychic. This allows you to see for yourself what is possible and what belongs purely in the realm of science fiction and fantasy movies.

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