Importance of Reminders in Life

posted by Chris Valentine

Reminders are always important. They are an easy way to help people improve their lives, be it through better organization or self-improvement. Prompts are the perfect way to train ourselves to make good habits that can then lead to success.

Because of this, it’s important to invest in a way that makes reminders work for us. While the implementation may differ from person to person, as long as the result reaches the goal, no path is incorrect.

Pen and Paper

The simplest method to practice leaving reminders is to start with pen and paper. It’s cheap, it’s easy, and it gives us something physical to cross off when the reminder has been taken care of, resulting in a feeling of accomplishment and success.

As for what reminders should be written down, that’s completely dependent on the goals. It can be a reminder to floss or to call a family member. It can be setting a deadline for a personal project. The subject matters a lot less than the simple act of doing it.

Digital Calendars

For recurring reminders, digital calendars are the way to go simply because a reminder can be set to repeat. This, in the end, saves a lot of time, freeing up more for the completion of the goals.

Digital reminders can also send alerts to phones for an added level of scheduling. Again, at the start, this should be used for everything- from the most mundane to the most important. Then, as certain things become habitual, they can be removed, freeing up the calendar for more important goals.

Group Reminders

Sometimes, reminders aren’t just for us. For big events, like birthdays and weddings, things like custom save the date magnets or postcards are perfect for keeping groups organized in regards to when important events are coming up.

In addition, they can also be used as small gifts to thank individuals for taking time out of their schedules to join in the larger celebration. Ideally, the best reminder gifts are also useful in everyday life, which is why magnets are so popular.


Taking calendars a step further, agendas allow for more types of reminders. When you find the ideas growing larger than a simple calendar can contain, it’s time to invest in something that allows this to expand. Not only can you now set daily, weekly, and monthly reminders, you can now have idea implementations flowing alongside planned expansions for said ideas. Agendas allow for a more free-form version of setting up reminders while still providing clear indications of deadlines.


While you should never rely on others to stay on track, it’s not wrong to seek out help occasionally, especially from respectable people. Reaching out to someone who you can hold you accountable is great for those reminders that you personally find difficult to do.

Some easy examples of this are things like working out, and making healthier eating choices, things that would otherwise be hard to do without a bit of positive peer pressure.


If you want to make changes, you have to put in the effort. Luckily, starting to improve is as easy as setting regular reminders to take care of tasks that lead to the better version of the self that you want to see. Simple or complex, long or short in duration, faithfully followed reminders become the healthy stepping-stones that lead to achieved goals.

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