How to Excel in Online Violin Lessons With a Skilled Teacher

posted by Chris Valentine

Online violin lessons are an excellent way to improve and maintain your skills between in-person sessions. However, you must find the right program with an experienced instructor and quality video lessons.

For example, look for a platform that features lessons. They must also feature explicit videos and a variety of other learning tools to make your tasks more efficient and effective.


Playing the violin is highly demanding, and learning the correct technique can be incredibly challenging. In the beginning, the hand positions are uncomfortable, the bowing is awkward, and the overall feeling of fatigue is familiar. These feelings will fade with increased practice and improved posture and mechanics.

Setting aside a reasonable amount of time each day to practice, even when you don’t feel it is essential. It’s critical to learn violin online to help you see incremental improvements that lead to your ultimate goals.

When you do desire to stop practicing, focus on your music-making instead; this will allow you to play more musically, bringing emotion and joy into the ears of your listeners. Incorporating this mindset will enable you to find any grasping that may hold you back. In addition, try ritualizing your practice routine by always setting up your violin in the same way (including rosining and tuning) and then putting it away afterward.


Developing a solid habit of listening is crucial to your violin progress. This includes paying attention to your teacher’s directions and executing them precisely. Listening also helps you improve your playing by hearing where your mistakes are and learning to correct them.

One of the most significant differences between professional musicians and dabblers is how they practice and listen. Professionals are constantly working to improve their ability to hear and learn, enabling them to progress more.

Online violin lessons provide an excellent opportunity to build these skills by allowing students to listen to their instructor’s feedback, play long bows on open strings, and record their practice sessions. Additionally, using headphones during your violin lesson will allow you to hear the instructor clearly and help remove distracting room noise. This can help you progress faster and keep your violin lessons exciting and motivating.


Unlike online violin resources or printed books, a live tutor can give personalized feedback during your lesson. This will make a massive difference in your learning experience. You can progress much faster if you want to improve your intonation or play your favorite songs.

When choosing an e-learning platform, look for one that offers a comprehensive online violin course, like Forbes Music Company. The system should provide a wide variety of lessons and practice tools. Ideally, the program will include music theory lessons and access to a video exchange library.

In addition to these features, your online violin lessons should provide high-quality videos and a built-in tuner. Make sure to use a high-quality microphone so that your instructor can hear you. The quality of the audio will significantly impact your ability to learn violin. Also, be sure to choose a violin teacher with experience in the education field. This will ensure that your lessons are practical and fun.


Online violin lessons allow students to work with expert instructors from all around the world. This is a significant advantage over self-guided tutorials or books, which can offer advice without having the expertise to guide you. Expert violin teachers can adapt their teaching methods to students’ unique strengths, weaknesses, and learning styles, speeding up their progress and maximizing results.

For example, students can learn about proper posture and technique to improve their comfort and sound quality. They can also receive tips about holding the bow correctly to avoid injuries, such as a finger or wrist injury.

A high-quality microphone and speakers are essential for ensuring a clear, crisp sound from the instructor and student during online violin lessons. In addition, the teaching space must be quiet and free of distractions. Before each class, it is helpful to have all sheet music prepared, positioned, and tuning the instrument and rosin the bow.

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