Attorney SEO Increasingly Competitive As Law Firms Invest More In Search Engine Optimization

posted by Chris Valentine

Even before the internet arrived, law firms have always been highly competitive in gaining new clients, so you can only imagine how this competitiveness has increased several folds with the introduction of the internet along with Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

There’s no way around it really, and if you want your law firm to stay in the competition, you need SEO. Without it, at the very least, dozens or even hundreds of potential clients will not know about you; you’re not visible to them, meaning a lot of missed opportunities. At the most, it’s not far fetched that your firm might shut down simply because you refused to implement SEO techniques into your online presence.

By now, any successful law firm or solo lawyer should have a web page. Yet, just having a website without using the ingredients that can make that site successful to bring you in clients, doesn’t mean much, if anything. Also by now, you probably know that SEO is what brings your ranking up on search engines.

The deal is that if you can get SEO to work for you, it’s considered perhaps the most affordable way to gain clients. Let’s talk a bit more about it, so you know why SEO is crucial.

Over 90%

People are rarely looking up at billboards anymore to know about a service or product. Everyone is looking down at their phones, carrying out searches. Over 90% of people will carry out an online search looking for a lawyer. The one they will choose will be ranked on the first page, not to mention high on the top of the page. This can never happen without the use of SEO strategies.

Targeting traffic

You don’t want just any traffic going towards your site. You want the right traffic and the right people. This means the people who are actually seeking the service you provide. In comparison to say, ‘pay per click’, the chances of the right people reaching you are higher. This is because with other means to make yourself more visible, you can’t guarantee that those looking at your ad are actually interested in your services. This leads us to the next point.


SEO is a scalable practice, which means you can measure how efficiently it is working for you. But it’s crucial to remember that Google keeps updating itself, and SEO trends keep on changing. This means you should know about certain SEO strategies in 2019. For example, you might not know about Rankbrain, but ,who specialize in SEO for attorneys, would know about it and its importance. Recently, Google did announce that Rankbrain, which is basically a mechanism brain that aids Google in evaluating the ranking of all contents submitted to Google, is the 3rd most important ranking factor for Google. Changes on how people get clients through SEO are rapid, and if you’re not on top of your game, you will lag behind.


There’s no business that doesn’t want a return on investment (ROI). Your eventual return needs to be cases and clients. You don’t want to spend too much time or effort on things you don’t know about to gain clients which is why law firms hire SEO experts. Generally, your ROI on SEO can be considered less risky than other methods and is rather high.

The competition is real

There’s no doubt that the competition for attorneys is ferocious and you need to make full use of the best methods available online. Lawyering is a career as well as a business. You might not be equipped well enough to handle the business part of it, nor do you have time. That’s why hiring a SEO company to optimize your site will be an exceptionally smart move.

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