Top 4 Schools in Panama to Consider for Your Kids

posted by Chris Valentine


Panama’s private schools are ranked higher among the institutions in Central America, and the quality of education is comparable to that of North America. Best private institutions follow the International Baccalaureate Program while most offer a good curriculum. In a country where the public schools have severely lacking classrooms and experienced teachers. Reputable colegios en panama hire seasoned teachers with well-equipped classes. The annual tuition fee of the private schools comes within the steep range of $1000-$16,000 and offers a lot of facilities like high-tech educational aids, swimming pools, and athletic facilities. There are two school calendars you will have to choose from when considering which private institution is best suited for your ward: the North American calendar from September to June and the Central American standard calendar from March to December. Here in this article, we bring you the top 5 schools in Panama to choose from.

International School of Panama

International School of Panama is located in the San Miguelito district of Panama City. The most important perks of joining this school are that they offer classes beginning with Pre-K to 12th and institutions like the Panamanian Ministry of Education, Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and International Baccalaureate provide related certifications to ISP’s graduates. The school operates under the August-June calendar.

King’s College 

Also known as The British School of Panama, it is one of the most popular schools among foreign nationals and locals. The school is part of the King’s group, with member schools being established in European countries like the UK and Spain. King’s College offers the English national curriculum and its students have been known to receive scholarships from Yale and Cambridge. The institution focuses on child-centered teaching and believes in exploratory learning to promote the growth of new ideas in children.

Metropolitan School of Panama

The MET campus is located in Clayton, an area that is also referred to as the City of Knowledge. The school offers Pre-K and K-12 school programs. The IB diploma graduates of this school are easily accepted into prestigious institutions, especially those in North America. The school owes its success to the extended diversity of the teaching staff, children here experience learning through lenses of different cultures. Like with every international school the students are from different parts of the globe too. The school follows the August-June calendar.

Knightsbridge Schools International Panama

The school focuses on a comprehensive system of education. Your child’s individuality will be focused upon in this institution. They let your wards find their strengths and let them develop their talents. The curriculum is designed after the Knightsbridge school in London. The school also has a strong community spirit and promotes service learning amidst its learning program. The school enforces the involvement of technology in teaching necessary for educating in the 21st century.


Panama is a country well known for its education with a 95% literacy rate, most people consider institutions in Panama to be the best in the region. Research the list and beyond to find the best-suited school for your young ones.

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