How to find the Right Private School for your Child

posted by Chris Valentine

Many parents have a challenge of finding the right private school for their children. Today, we have so many schools that offer different teaching styles and philosophies. The whole experience of searching for a good private school can be so overwhelming. It is important to do a thorough investigation to determine the best school that will offer the right atmosphere to your child. The school community should offer a perfect learning environment also cultivate your child’s talent.

Whether you are looking for a nice private kindergarten or a private pre-school, it vital to do your
research thoroughly to find a perfect ‘fit’ for your child. Always have an open mind and understand that
the best school for your child can never be the same with that of your colleague. Many parents admit
that with the right help and research, they can find the best school for their child’s academic, social and
emotional needs.

So, how do you know if your child’s current school is meeting your child’s needs? If not, how then can you choose the right alternative school for your child? In this article, you will get the tips that will help you find the perfect school for your child.

Understand Your Child

The first step to determine the best school for your child is appreciating the kind of student your child is. You best know the type of environment that your child will likely to succeed in. Before concentrating on the features of the school, start by examining your child’s strengths, weaknesses, and their overall personality.

If your child is slow, you will need to look for a school that helps your child learn at the same pace as the rest of the children without exposing their weaknesses. Remember, when your child feels inferior to the rest of his mates; their self esteem can be hurt.

Make a list

You should get armed with a clear understanding of your child’s abilities and capabilities. I recommend that you do this by making a list. Start by outlining the most important things. Make sure to keep the list on hand to help you stay focused throughout the search process to ovoid omitting some things.

You should include the child’s interests and talents in the list. Also, it is important to outline the school’s co-curricular activities, religious teachings and educational tools used by the school. Get to know what is working in your child’s current school and what is not. It‘s not selfish if you consider your needs first. So you need to know how far you will drive to ensure your child is in school on time.

Be Honest: Does the School meet your Child’s Needs

Sometimes it is important to evaluate your current school before looking for a potential alternative. You need not to think about the current year, but also consider the years ahead. You need to ask yourself the following questions;

• Is your child struggling with his studies?

• Does your child’s current school challenging your child enough? Do they offer advanced classes?

• Does the school offer both academic and extracurricular programs that are necessary for your child?

It is important to choose a school that will accommodate your child’s needs for a long term. You need to choose a school that will help your child grow and develop over time. Therefore, you need to choose a school that cares and nurtures your child and still creates a competitive environment.

Education Program and Philosophy

You are the only person who knows your child better than anyone else. You perfectly understand if they are well suited in a large or a small school. Also, you perfectly understand whether they are strong academically or they need some additional support to help them catch up.

Before choosing any private school, make sure you know the school’s teaching methods. Choose a school where your child will develop strong problem-solving skills and also become an effective communicator. Make sure to read the school catalogs carefully. Also, pay attention to signature course offering, extra-curricular and fields trips to make sure they match with your child’s hobbies and interests.

Begin to Evaluate the Schools

It is important to have a list of schools and evaluate them to see what they offer. You can start by visiting school fairs and use their guide and websites to have a clear overview of what is what is offered. You can also evaluate schools in your list by word of mouth. Ask other parents about their quality of learning of the schools on your list. However, just because other parents are giving negative or positive reviews, it doesn’t mean your child will get the same experience.

Visit Potential Schools

Already you have a short list of schools and you should get up and start touring. You need to visit the schools personally to get a clear picture of what they offer. Some schools offer to give tours around the school and help parents get acquitted with the school program and the school environment.

Visiting the school will help you get the chance to exactly know what you and your child wants. Also, you will have a clear understanding of the expectations of the school. During the visit, make sure to observe the students activities. See if they look engaged or just making noise. Also, check if there is a teacher behind the desks while the students work.

You can ask the school administration questions like the relationship of teachers and students, the type of communication between the teachers and parents, the level of qualifications of teachers in the pre-school and children with special needs. By the end of the tour, you definitely get the best private preschool and private school for your child.

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