Patrick Dwyer Merrill Lynch Miami – Profile of a Great Financial Advisor 

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In each industry in the world there are people at the very top of their profession who set the benchmark for the rest of the industry. In the world of financial planning and advice, those people generally work under the banner of financial institution Merrill Lynch. In fact this company has recently had 54 of its advisors feature in the Forbes top 250 wealth managers in the country. One such advisor is Patrick Dwyer Merrill Lynch Miami-based financial wizard. If you have any desires of one day becoming a wealth manager or financial planner, this is the type of person that you should be looking at to learn about, let’s have a look at his profile.

Starting Out in the Industry

Mr Dwyer completed his MBA at the University of Miami in 1993, and attained a position with Merrill Lynch upon leaving education. During the first year with Merrill Lynch he worked with the MBA Analyst Program at the headquarters of the company, before moving back to Miami to become a financial advisor. After working with the company for 5 years, Dwyer was selected to become one of the first advisors to join a new division of the company, which would work with the ultra rich and high net-worth families.

Dwyer & Associates

Whilst working under the banner of Merrill Lynch, Dwyer set up his own financial advice company named Dwyer & Associates, who operated within the Private Investment and Banking arm of Merrill Lynch. Since 1999 Dwyer has been working in this field with some of the richest individuals and companies in the Miami area, and it has been here that he built the reputation that he has, of being one of the best advisors in the country.

Personal Life

Dwyer has stayed true to his Floridian roots and resides in Key Biscayne with his four children and wife Marisa. Dwyer is an active man who’s hobbies include hiking, cooking and paddle boarding. Aside from his work within the financial sector, Dwyer is also a keen philanthropist who also sites on the board of trustees at the Telluride Science Research Center, the Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart, and the Neuroscience Centers of Florida Foundation, Dwyer is also chairman of the Key Biscayne Community Foundation and an active member of the community.

Forbes List

Dwyer’s inclusion in the Forbes top 250 wealth managers list is a great personal achievement and one which he has worked exceptionally hard to achieve. Throughout his time in the financial sector, Dwyer has proved himself time and time again to his clients, offering sound advice which has helped many to manage their assets, improve their financial outlook and ultimately to make more money.

Patrick is an inspirational man who anyone looking to get into the world of finance should view as an inspiration, and someone who’s footsteps should be followed.

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