TruGreen Lawn Care Provides 10 Top Lawn Tips

posted by Chris Valentine

TruGreen Lawn Care aims to help people in Memphis and beyond to have the most beautiful lawns possible. To do this, they have released 10 top tips to help people achieve that. These tips are useful for everybody, regardless of whether they have a professional gardener or not.

TruGreen Lawn Care’s Top Lawn Tips

  1. If there are dusty roads near where you live, photosynthesis of your grass will not be at top performance. This means you have to regularly wash your lawn, with some dish soap, in fact. The dish soap should not be anti-bacterial, however, as this leaves streaks on your lawn.
  2. If you live in an area where there is a risk of wild fires, you should choose a type of lawn that can help reduce this risk. Ask your local grass supplier about the species of grass that is best, but usually a mixture of blue gramma grass, sheep fescue, wheat grass, and Canada bluegrass works very well.
  3. Let grass in the shade grow longer than grass in the sun, as this makes it looks better. You do have to take some of the bigger branches off, however.
  4. Attract plenty of earthworms by using an organic fertilizer.
  5. Regularly put down some organic matter on your lawn, like mushroom compost. Use this like regular compost for best effects.
  6. Use a mulcher mower to mow the lawn and use less fertilizer. This is because it will drop more clippings, which contain 4% nitrogen, 3% potassium and 1% phosphorous, all vital to the health of your lawn.
  7. If it looks like your grass has suffered after being mowed, you probably have dull blades, which has torn the grass. Your lawn will start to turn quite brown as a result, so make sure your blades are sharp.
  8. Make sure that your lawn is watered plenty so that it can recover from people using it. When you water your lawn, it should go between six and eight inches below the surface. Doing so means that the root system will be deeper and stronger, and this makes sure that, if you have a barbeque on your lawn or some friends over, it won’t be completely destroyed. Furthermore, it will make your lawn more resistant to droughts.
  9. Make sure that you water your lawn between 5am and 8am for the best results. The later you water it, and particularly if you water at night, the bigger the chance that your grass will develop fungal diseases and brown patches.
  10. If you live in a soft water area and there is a lot of salt in the water, your lawn will suffer. Hence, make sure that you use water that has not gone through your home water softener system, but rather is directly from the tap.

With these ten tips, TruGreen Lawn Care knows that people can have a luscious, green lawn. They do also recommend working with a company like themselves to ensure proper maintenance is also incorporated.

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