Top 20 Techno 90s Rave Tunes


Welcome to my list of top 20 techno 90s rave tunes! In the early 90s rave music was everywhere. I remember it well. I was in college at the time and living in Orlando. Back then the downtown party scene was much cooler. Firestone was around, The Edge was around. Clubs stayed open all night and nobody even went out until well after midnight. If we got bored we drove to Gainesville and went to Simons. Zen Festival was in full effect and raves were ubiquitous. Ecstasy was plentiful and we liked how that dude from Rabbit in the Moon wore that crazy mirror-jacket!



It’s hard not to listen to the music you grew up with and not have a little bit of nostalgia (I grew up in the 80s, thus I have a soft spot for 80s music, even while I understand that most of it isn’t very good). Sure, a lot of rave music, just like a lot of house music, is total crap. But some of it is really good, too, and in that spirit I bring you my personal top 20 rave/techno tunes of the early 90s – mostly from 1990-1993. Naturally, rave purists will yell at me about it (How could you not include Run Tings? Where’s the Smart-ees?! Where’s DJ Icey?! Only a poseur would include Lords of Acid!). Whatever dudes! Go make your own list!

Top 20 Techno 90s / Rave Tunes

20. Baby DLet Me Be Your Fantasy (1992)

This one throws everything in but the kitchen sink. Female vocals (Dorothy Fearon), piano riffs, sirens, and at the end there’s a good amount of 303 squelches. From the Production House label, who also gave us Acen. This is a huge breakbeat/rave item and has been re-released countless of times.

19. Return of the Living AcidGet Funky! (1991)

Return of the Living Acid is actually Tony Payne, who also did Goal Kick, which is on a 12″ white label from back in the day called “History Repeats” “Get Funky!” is my personal guilty pleasure. It’s not a complex song, but it combines all the required elements (long deep base notes, 303 acid stabs, hiphop sample) in just the right way to get the intended effect. I mean, it’s Africa Bambaata’s Planet Rock (Yo Yo, Get Funky! Yaaahhhhh!) turned into a rave anthem. Sounds good to me!

18. SL2On A Ragga Tip (1992)

This is the best example I can think of what they call “Ragga Techno”. It’s basically breakbeat with a reggae/dancehall influence. This song tends to make me jump up and down alot – it’s very bouncy. And I love the sampling of Jah Screechy’s “Walk & Skank” even though I have no idea what he’s saying.

17. Zero ZeroZeroxed (1991)

A good techno tune from the early 90s is this song off the Kickin’ label that samples Jimi Hendrix (the guitar riff from “Fire”). It also has a sample of Aphrodite’s Child (“Now comes the capture of the beast”) and sirens to kick it off. It’s only for the headstrong, whatever the hell that means.

16. Altern8Armageddon (1992) / Frequency (1991)

Top One, Nice One, Get Sorted.

Mark Archer and Chris Peat (formerly Nexus 21) dressed up in dust masks and chemical protection suits and called themselves Altern8. I don’t think you can talk about old school rave and not mention them – they are probably the most interesting of the bunch because they aren’t your typical “faceless” techno artist. Certainly not as well known as an act like The Prodigy, but at least you recognize their look. They came out with weird shit and sayings like “Top One Nice One Get Sorted”. Yeah! What in hell does that mean? I don’t know, but it’s fun to say. Their music is total rave all the way, influenced by the Detroit techno sound, and occasionally their songs will sample old school house music, throw in 303 stabs, nice 808 kickdrums, heavy bass, etc.. “Full On Mask Hysteria” is their only full length LP and it’s worth getting if you can find it. It works as techno and as a historical artifact. My two favorite tunes off the record are Frequency and Armageddon. The first track naturally has a recurring sample of some guy saying “Frequency” and it’s echoed and faded. Armageddon is a massive stormer with Public Enemy samples (Chuck D says “Armageddon!” from when they did a live show in London). Good stuff.

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  1. Holy shit, son. Time to take a couple of E and get some damn glowsticks!

  2. thx, you just made me queue up enough to kill my freaking ratio…we’re both gonna get kicked

  3. ps. after i dunno how many plays, halcyon and png still give me chills. great writeup buddy! =)

  4. The Ethics “La Luna”. I’m like rolling or something. Must be the shades.

  5. Also Massive Attack “Unfinished Symphony”. Nice strings.

  6. Check out the Paul Weller Pin-up Girls Remix of Take Me Away, IMHO it’s the best.

  7. And BTW, nice list :-)

  8. Nice list. I also grew up in Orlando. here are a few that are not on here but see if you remember them.

    all boxed in – happen

    gypsy – i trance you

    opus 3 – its a fine day/ when you made the mountain

  9. Former Hoarlandoian!! // September 30, 2007 at 3:07 pm // Reply

    Great list, made me think of alot of good tunes I had forgotten about. Like the author I grew up in Orlando during the early 90’s and remember most of the songs from hanging out at the local clubs.

    From Aahz at the Beacham, late nights at the edge, firestone, Reunion, your ocassional Mystery Fun House Rave…in a small city like Orlando these parties gave birth to a more than relevant local music scene.

    At the time there weren’t many club/dance scenes in the U.S. that involved so many people so early on in their existence. Flyers for parties covered the city’s downtown, everyone knew someone who was a DJ or party promoter and LOTS of people were doing E. On a regular night out you wouldn’t leave the house until 2am, that way the bars would stop serving and the jocks would be leaving, once the jocks were gone a good dj would play some “real” music, you’d dance all night, roll your face off, go to sleep, then get up and do it all over again.

    It eventually got to a point where around 1997, after almost 10yrs of continious growth, the scene had reached critical mass. In the August 21, 1997 issue of Rolling Stone there was a 5 page article entitled “Orlando, the Seattle of Electronica…”. Rolling Stone was about 3 yrs to late with the title and by 1997 the scene was a pale comparison of its less populated former self. More and more it was morons and bad drugs that came to be synonomous with the word RAVE and eventually all the powders, pagers and pills became more important then the plur.

    Goin’ Off


  10. Hi M,
    I think it was people like Glenda Hood and Richard Crotty who killed the Orlando scene. They passed the 2am law, which effectively killed late night. Hood never wanted Orlando to be rave-central. She loved the idea of a family-friendly town in the Disney mold.

  11. I agree with you about the 2am law, but the whole reason the law was passed was because during the later half of the 90’s there were so many people attending the parties it got hard for the city to ignore. It got to a point were kids would be walking out of the clubs at 8am, all ate up, looking like zombies, while the tourists in the area were wondering what the fuck was going on. The rising number of under age kids over dosing on bad pills didn’t help eithier…and those bad pills were a result of dealers recognizing a market that was not around 3 yrs earlier…

    As the rolling stone article that I referenced in my above post said “Slap a pair of mouse ears on a Bible and thats Orlando”.

    I think I remember seeing you around, you were the one with the “hottie” hat right?


  12. Different country, same tunes. From the UK and have the same great memories from the same tunes. Some of them are cheesy as f*ck, but hey great memories. If you like the Orbital stuff check out Paul Hartnolls new solo album. Saw him play live and he closed with a great live version of Halcyon :-)

  13. Trying to find out name of song from 97 or 98, some girl singing’let the music take control, higher and higher and higher

  14. Great list from a time when Orlando wasn’t the shithole it is now.
    I would say the “glory years” ended around 1995 or so.

    Haha…someone mentioned the Mystery Fun House party…that was an odd one but definitely one to remember.
    Anyone happened to remember the artist and track title that had a chorus sampe of woman saying:
    “Suffer all the children to come up me”….sort of a dark housey/trancey style song.

  15. The lyrics “let the music take control, higher and higher and higher”


  16. Do you know where I can find a song ? not sure correct name but its main part was “shut the fuck up bitch you cant sing” it was in the early 90’s. please if so get intouch with mw on myspace. my url is

  17. Kellie,
    You might be thinking of “Shut Up” by New York Style. I think it’s on a compilation called “Technorave 3” but that may be hard to get nowadays. -Bill

  18. got mixmag article detailing top 100 as picked then on my site if you have a looski

  19. Nice list. Does anyone know this random track I heard once at a rave – early nineties London – it featured a female vocalist with an American accent – “Hey, that ain’t right, I can’t take another sleepless night, another can’t take another anananother….yes I gotta move on” had something about a silly rabbit, with real simple early house breaks. Less techno than any on the list. Just thought I’d ask………….Cheers!

  20. Great list, I was in Daytona from 90-94 at the Coliseum and other places in Orlando.

  21. I am also looking for help with a couple of songs. The first is one that has the lyric “dream upon a dream in you heart” I think the title is “One Love” by Saffron but I can’t find it anywhere. The other song starts out with the old 60’s song about going to the witch doctor and then goes into an awesome beat. If anyone can help, please email me address is Also if anyone went ERAU at the same time, say hey, maybe we know each other. Later

  22. DL LanceRomance // March 16, 2008 at 12:27 pm // Reply

    Great list, pretty much matches most of my favorites from that era. I was DJing clubs in Tampa, Daytona, and Miami during that time – still have most of the songs on your list locked away. Used to drive up to O’town to go to Underground Records – they had the shiznit. A few more that come to mind – Far Out – Sonz of a Da Loop Da Loop Era, a remake of Barrington Levy’s Here I come (Broader than Broadway) – (can’t remember the artist), Infiltrate – Altern8, Don’t Go – Awesome 3, Sweet Harmony – Liquid, and Playing With Knives – Bizzare Inc.
    Good Times…

  23. Great list!

    Anyone remember a track from the early-mid 1990’s from, who i think was called “Gadget.”?
    A chicks voice would say something about waiting for a “DJ to play this funky sound.”

    Who is the artist/group? Is Gadget correct? I’d love to find an .mp3 or .wav file.
    Anyone? Thanks!!!

  24. Dave the rave // March 23, 2008 at 12:23 pm // Reply

    Christine Says:

    October 18th, 2007 at 11:20 am
    The lyrics “let the music take control, higher and higher and higher”

    This is spqr – unlimited dreams. Top tune, takes me back!

  25. Good List,

    But where’s Manix “Feel Real Good” or “Oblivion (Head in the clouds mix)”

    Anyways search Youtube Carl Cox Amnesia House Book of Love, the video in question i was at and i was quite emotional watching it again.

    Never will the UK see days like that again.

  26. For those in the Orlando/Florida breakbeats of the late 90s – early 2000s. Wasnt there a DJ Merlin? that was popular at the same time DJ Icey+Baby Anne? he had a few popular mixes of which I’m trying to find but of course i cant remeber the name of the songs.

  27. great choices
    I would love to trade you some old school tracks as what i have is incomplete i have two full mp3 discs so far

  28. R Alrashidi // June 10, 2008 at 11:41 am // Reply

    Does anyone know the techno song lyrics “We’re gonna have an orgasm that you can’t even comprehend”. I do not know the singer or the song, but cannot find this anywhere.

  29. To R Alrashidi: I have this record. It’s by DJ Lace and it’s called “Horizontal Lambada (Vangroovy Style)” The record is called “Illegal Funk EP”. It’s an old funky breaks tune.

  30. you persons are a bunch of chinois salo

  31. Thank you, Sir! I’m glad I found your article. I am on the quest to fill my computer w/ the tunes of my youth. Some great suggestions out there. I also remember coming up to he Edge in 92′ dancing to the alternative and yes, quizically changing to DJ Icey. Wow, I wouldn’t get back down to South Florida till 6AM. Later, that next year I moved up to Orlando & Firestone (my second home) was a super unique club w/ all those beautiful drag queens prancing around and fluid dancing going on. We would also cruise up to Simon’s in G-ville for great dj’s as well. Great music & memories of feeling free & unified!! Here are some honorable mentions from my collection: Jam & Spoon, Dee-lite, BT, Josh Wink, and my favorite 2 disc Scott Hardkiss- Delusions of Granduer. Would anyone know how I can get a copy of Sade’s “Pearls” remix? One of the best songs out there Also, Boston Bruins “Raise your Hands”, Billy Ray Martin’s “Your Loving Arms Around Me” & finally, Way Out West “The Gift”. Thanks!!!

  32. im looking for the artist and title of a song. the lyrics say, i give you my heart, i give you my soul, i give you my love and i give you my time. i wanna take you around the moon or world??? its not atc.

  33. Great lists – very helpful for some good finds – thanks u guys …zzzzzz

  34. Sleazyduzit // June 27, 2008 at 7:16 pm // Reply

    WOW! what a find,great list,took me back……way back TOP ONE,NICE ONE,GET SORTED! I Dont believe there will ever be another phenomenom to shape a generation like we experienced with the birth of RAVE ………..we coulda cured the world with the Rave Wave that swept over us all! Damn we grow up waaaaay to quick ……….life’s just to short

    Summed up to a T in the film Human Traffic ……….and the Streets tune “We become hereo’s”

  35. I was a child of Orlando too. This really brings back so many memories. Ultr-Violet, Mars,The Firestone, The Edge, Simons and Barbarellas, I remember not even leaving for the club until 3 am. Wow. D Extreme, Kimballs Birthday bashes and yes DJ Icey. Those are great memories. It was definely a crazy expeirence. Use to go down to Cape Canaveral to see DJ Yogi all the time to. And sometimes Atalnta. Miss those days. Thanks Guys. My favorite is the old school remix of Duran Durans Save a Prayer.

  36. Yeah, there was a DJ Merlin back in the day. I remember picking up one of his albums at the SBN sound offs in Daytona. Him and Jasp 182 hit it hard, but i havent heard much after that. This is one hell of a catch up/list for anyone that remembers. Kind of makes you think about all the tracks that used to be ripped. From early 90’s house to O-Town breaks to some of the new D&B tracks. Its come a long way, the sound that is, but the best is the best simply put!

  37. ive been looking for this old techno song in the back ground this lady is singing “come, come, make me come” “come, come, make me come” at least thats what i think it sounds like ha

  38. TampaMasqueradeTil9am // August 5, 2008 at 2:52 am // Reply

    Great list, wow. And I finally got to find DJ Lace Horizontal Lambada…been looking for that forever. Guess it’s time to convert all my Kimball Collins, DJ Icey, Huda Hudai, etc stuff to mp3. :)

    One song that I can’t get outta my head tonight.. but can’t find. She says “Don’t make me wait… Don’t make me wait… Don’t make me wait too long… I’m the one” (or you’re the one)
    Sound familiar to anyone?

  39. Amazing. Man, you took me back. The summer of 1992 in Toronto was amazing. Between the mud mess (hugely fun though!) that was the Nitrous party to the Chemistry ‘nearly never happened’ Outdoor spectacular, that summer will live on and on. Well into their 40’s by now, Alex and Charlie of Chemistry really did do something special. It may have sucked financially, but they left their mark. When you remember nights like that, you never grow old(er!!)…..

  40. What?

    No Thrill Kill Kult?

  41. Dale – I love TKK, but I always kinda thought of them as industrial.

  42. Spun… Its spelled Merlyn (Name is Casey) and he’s still spinning here in Miami along with Wendel, Icey and most everyone from back in the mid-to-late 90’s.

  43. Hey does anyone know the electronic song that goes “…it kills my eyes”. I was a Los Angeles raver in the mid 90s and that song was popular. I never got the name of it though.

  44. wow i miss them days the old ybor too dont forget that and zen wow wtf happend? i waz hoppin somone could help me with this i waz lookin for what dj did this mix.

  45. this would b the link to the song any body know whos mix this is?–“”–

  46. I am looking for the name of the song & dj…. The Beatles “Here Comes the Sun” was sampled in the beginning of the song… used to be one of my favorites! Cant’ find it now. Help!

  47. to those of you who need that toon named…………..why don’t you check out your LOCAL RECORD (as in vinyl 12″ records) SHOP that specializes in dance/electronic music……not only will they most likely name the track for you, they can probably locate a copy for you in whatever format you want. DON’T STEAL MUSIC FROM INDEPENDENT RECORD LABELS………I mean…..if you loved those underground house (it’s all house music no matter what you wanna call it) tunes so much and have such great memories of the music, show the artist some support. If you are gonna steal music off the internet………..steal the music that’s on the major labels………those labels are in it only for the money and they all but stole it from from the artist in the first place………if you need to know the name of an artist or song I am more than willing to help you out………just hit me up @
    “If music makes the world go ’round, EDM keeps us spinnin'”

    To K.B: “bassbin twins” -I forget the name of the track though (sorry) but I know it is the 1st vinyl release on thier label………bassbin twins are playing the Club @ Firestone on 09/27/08 along with Uberzone……be there or feel old……lol
    give me a shout in a few days and I”ll have the name of that track for ya……….if there is one….

    ………………………………….peace peoples……………………..hempey……………….

  48. Ahzz, firestone, abyss, zen, hyperspace…orlando!
    Listening to all the songs sure takes me back. Back to the beautiful time when we were free. Taking a nap until 11 pm. Getting up and getting ready for the club. Dancing, sitting:), listening to the quality of music. Have not found that same feel since in music, or in clubs. Watching the sunrise on e. Meeting new people every sat. That time in my life blows me away. One of the best times in my life. Grew so much from it. Made great friends. Was part of a time when there was amazing music.

  49. I’m from the club/rave scene in seattle in the early 90’s..great times. Anybody know this one?? “wake up early in the morning..wake up to the melody”… It says ‘machine gun” in it quite a bit i thought, and in a muffled,nasaly voice says ” one minute to close time”..but it’s a great track i’d love to know the name of and find.
    Thanks alot

  50. Gavin Fogarty // November 27, 2008 at 10:14 am // Reply

    hey John Keane…

    SPQR unlimited dreams.. whopper tune! speant ages looking for it aswell. thats the lyrics higher higher move to the music let the music take control song your looking for.

  51. who sings the song ” were gonna have an orgasm you cant even comprehend?

  52. who sings where going to have an orgasm you cant even comprehend?

  53. Palepinklightning: the song you are thinking of is by DJ Lace and it’s called “Horizontal Lambada (Vangroovy Style)” The record is called “Illegal Funk EP”. It’s an old funky breaks tune.

  54. Great times !!!!

    I wish i could feel the way i use to back then… i still got a bunch of records from that time, including that Hardkiss Delusions of Grandeur record that i got for my 21st birthday… i will keep it to the end of time

    PEACE !!

  55. OMG I am so glad i found this site!!!
    I absolutley love the song “I Sit On Acid”, however in the club i could never really hear what the lyrics were so I only kinda knew what the words were, or I was too far gone to remeber(lol).

    Well here i am remenising and come across your detalied synopsys of the song. I went to look it up to listen to it thinking just maybe. . . and VIOLA!!! That track has been stuck in my head for 15 years now. I bow to you humbly.



  56. Does anyone know the song with the lyrics – People why don’t you come and hear.

  57. The track with the beatles sample in is by Acen – Close your eyes

  58. I am wiping an itty bitty tear from eye- good times. (tip my hat to list too…)

  59. “it says ‘machine gun” in it quite a bit i thought, and in a muffled,nasaly voice…” i see that description when i google but i dont find this info anywhere, someone drop me a line if you know any info on this song…

  60. Check out Primary Source- smile ep. happy & dark styles on the same wax. A 92 classic, real bass. Hardcore is timeless.

  61. bootytapper. // February 10, 2009 at 9:56 am // Reply

    The track that sez “People why don’t you come and hear” is none other than “Genaside II.” The track is called “Narra mine.” nice classic, good choice. an remember folks, keep buying that vinyl, nothing beats it. “Vinyl takes up too much space,” what are you.. a woman? buy the tunes an stack em high! cdz are tapes (for recording) and downloads are for mixes (DJ sets). Vinyl is final. lets not let the media and companies trying to flog us crap fool us again.

  62. Damn people, it’s been a long time. Used to hang out at the Edge in O-Town, and a few places in Tampa back in the early 90’s. Ya’ll remember Dan Huda Hudia, Icey, Rabbit in the Moon and Brad Smith? Or when Sasha and John Digweed would come into town and the place would blow up like Christmas? Crazy. Good times… good times.
    I’ve also had a song in my head, and I wish I could find a recording of it. It had, in the background, the keyboard section of Save a Prayer by Duran Duran, and it was very Housey…
    I loved it. Anyone remember who did it?!?!

    • Dude, I know EXACTLY which song your talking about and I want it too. I actually used to have a copy of it back in the day but it was on one of those bootleg presses with that and four other tracks. It was terrible pressing, but the song is incredible, so I was just happy to have it. I got rid of all my records when I dropped out of the scene about mid 95. I went through a second round of partying about 5 years later and started collecting again, and recently went the Aahz reunion on New Year’s Day. I don’t know if you ever got an answer to this, but if so let me know cause I want it.

  63. Hey Jon… it possible that the song your talking about actually says……”CLOSE YOUR EYES?” thats the only thing that comes to my mind after reading your question….track down and listen to the “rabbit in the moon” remix of sarah mclauchlins’ “possession.” That might be what you are thinking of…..If that is not it…….thats ok cause it’s a great track anyway…….hope ya find what you are looking for bro….peace………oh yeah…..does anyone know the name of the song that goes…..ohhh-ohhh-oh-woh-oh-oh…….hanging tough…………love that track!!!!!! LMAO…..just kidding folks………

  64. man Says:

    August 4th, 2008 at 11:52 pm
    ive been looking for this old techno song in the back ground this lady is singing “come, come, make me come” “come, come, make me come” at least thats what i think it sounds like ha


    The song seems to go by different names. Try these YouTube links:

    ? Da Juice—“C’mon, C’mon”
    ? Da Juice—“Hear the Angels”
    -Country: Netherlands
    -Released: 1991
    -Genre: Electronic
    -Style: Breakbeat

  65. Hi guys,

    Also need help with a track. very sketchy tho I’m not sure what SHE actually sings but it’s really upbeat with Strong Pianos- house/rave tune- it’s a proper classic circa. 1990-1993… If I remember correctly she sings through a lot of the track…heres some of what she sings…
    Ok, here goes:
    “We’re gonna walk, (?) barefoot in the sand”
    “When love takes hold, when love takes hold” or possibly, “where lovers go, where lovers go”?

  66. Wow, a lotta good info and songs that bring back some great memories!

    I’m currently looking for a song that a friend had on a multi-CD rave compilation back in the 90’s… I wish I could remember the name of the song or the artist, but the only thing I can recall was that there was a repeating clip of a guy saying something like “Get a doctor!”, or “Ooh, get a docta!” — something like that anyway.

    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated in figuring out what this obscure song is!

  67. Cabrocker // June 8, 2009 at 4:40 pm // Reply

    To Daiv

    Probably: Armand van helden , The witch doctor

  68. 80’s-1999 Techno and Trance was undoubtedly the best. So many timeless tunes.

  69. I see no reason this thread should ever die. :)

    I too was in Orlando in the early 90’s, and enjoyed all of the same parties. Mystery Fun House was indeed a blast, as was Amnesia (at an indoor soccer place in Daytona or Cocoa, I think… Bunny from Rabbit in the Moon was there, committing mock suicides or something), Marz in Cocoa (I swear I got so used to that slanted floor I’d fall in other clubs), Aahz, Abyss, Barbarella, etc…

    Anyone else go down to Miami in the spring of 2002 or 2003 for that monster in Bayfront Park? 3 stages, Sven Vath, and a zillion others? Police shut it down right when my party favors turned Miami into a tilit-a-whirl… Good times. 😀

    Anyway, thought I’d contribute a few of my favorites from back then:

    Toni Di Bart – The Real Thing
    Slo Moshun – Bells of N.Y.
    DJ Equalizer – Sounds of Silence
    Blast – Crayzy Man
    Mindwarp – Too (Axis Hard Freestyle Mix) :: That track still gets me moving like mad
    Bump – House Stompin

    and my favorite intro to any set:

    Rhythm Control – My House (Acappella)

    Keep the thread going!

  70. Oh hey! I’ll drop a question while I’m here. Anyone know the song with the following lyrics:

    Everytime I close my eyes
    Everytime I close my eyes
    Everytime I close my eyes
    It makes me think of you

    Everytime I close my eyes
    Everytime I close my eyes
    Everytime I close my eyes
    I don’t know what I should do

    Freak Me

    I’d love artist and title so I can track it down… That’s the part I kick myself over from back in the day. I loved the music, and loved to dance, but never paid much attention to names of tracks. I just new that such and such a song was the third song on the B Side of Huda Hudia’s “Old School ’94” mix (or whatever :)).

  71. glad to see this thread is still kickin’!!

    to brendan….the song you are thinking of is called “freak me” by “red seal”

    to lizard…there is a pretty hard to find/sought after remix of duran durans’ save a prayer track that was popular amongst people like us ( and by that I mean people who know what great music is lol) in the 90’s. it is called….duran duran-save a prayer (DMC REMIX)…….I think that may be the one you are thinking of

    to bootytapper… speak the truth bro!!!!! and remember………..REAL DJ’S ROCK VINYL!!!!!!!

    I’ll be checking this thread every so often so keep ’em coming……peace………hempey

    • NO its not the DMX Remix of Save a Prayer. I know which song he’s talking about. It was a breakbeat track, and after the beat intro it came to the first ambient break and that famous Save A Prayer synth line faded in and then the beat dropped back in and there was female vocal that came in. I know he said it was housey, I assume he meant due to the female vocal, but it wasn’t a piano house tune and was in fact a breakbeat. I used to have a copy of it on an old bootleg that was a horrible press with a few other classics. I think Manic’s I’m Comin Hardcore was also on the EP, but again it was a horrible pressing with ridiculously shallow grooves so it was easily scratched and the fidelity was pretty lousy. Anyway, if you or anyone else knows the name of this track I was LOVE to get a hold of it.

  72. to jay79…..”toni allen” or “tony allen” is the artist and the name of the song is “take me higher”…I’ve got a couple-a-few copies of the original pressing left on vinyl…..find me on myspace if you are interested……peace

  73. Kiki – sounds like Barefoot in the Head by A Man Called Adam?

  74. Banging list bud,heres a song I was trying to find.
    Lyrics went-step step step streping on the dancefloor,dont you wanna dance.
    Was female,came out in mid 90’s,thought it was called angel funk but not sure.
    Thanks in advance.

  75. Some of my favs-
    Electroliners – Loose Caboose
    Bahamut – Bumpin’ the Night
    Headtrip – Rock da Acid
    Newton – Screamer (’95 Orlando Mix)
    3 Wise Monkeys – Work 4 Love (Friction & Spice Remix)
    Basco – The Beat Is Over
    DJ Flavours – Your Caress
    Purple – Crustation (Freestylers Remix)
    Violet – Burn The Elastic
    Sugar -The Feeling
    DJ’s Project-The Funk-Da-Fried Party
    DJ Who -Rhythm
    Metro – To A Nation Rockin
    rebirth-Migration Of Da Party People
    Bassbin Twins – EP I-A2
    Strike-U Sure Do

  76. I was wondering if anyone has heard of a dark techno/ industrial/ breakbeat song that says, “architect”……I think it was on a mixed tape a friend gave me from Gainesville around 95-96′ I thought the tape was a Brad Smith mix, but I scanned his catalog of music with no luck. Does anyone know what I’m talking about? Thanks in advance!

    • hey nicole……………in response to your question on oddculture.coms’ website about the “architect” song……the only track that comes to mind after reading your question says the following…..”I am an architect, I am a pioneer” and that is a remix of a song called “faster” by “manic street preachers” by “the chemical brothers” (I’m pretty sure) the mix is called the “7-11 dub” off the album called “La tristesse durera”…… the following……”manic street preachers faster 7-11 dub La tristesse durera”………..hope that helps……….take care……….hempey

  77. YEs, does anyone know the name of that 90s rave tune with a woman’s lyrics
    “come, come, make me come”??????

  78. shawn from tpa // July 10, 2009 at 9:02 am // Reply

    Da Juice—“C’mon, C’mon”

    Da Juice—“Hear the Angels”

    Country: Netherlands
    Released: 1991
    Genre: Electronic
    Style: Breakbeat

    It was posted above by Starsky.

  79. shawn from tpa // July 11, 2009 at 8:48 am // Reply

  80. shawn from tpa // July 13, 2009 at 1:19 pm // Reply

    RHYTHM ON THE LOOSE – break of dawn

  81. TPA/ORL Sean // July 19, 2009 at 12:06 am // Reply

    From a time when you could find more love in the club than in church. All in the club were one the same wavelength…like one collective mind. Everyone in the house were equals. The music has complexity, soul, and opened the mind. Before the monotonous uninspired beats took hold, there were DJs who brought the whole house on a journey of the mind and stirred the passions of all of us who were blesses enough to have experienced it. From Aahz in Orlando to the smaller, more intimate Metro Club in Ybor City, the late 90’s were a fabulous time to be in the clubs from 3 to 7 am.
    Those who were there in those moments know how absolutely amazing it was.
    Nice Thread. The memories are warm and house music was really, really good.
    One of my faves: Rabbit in the Moon’s Out of Body Experience. The Tori Amos Voice is chillingly awesome. From the Sasha & Digweed’a Northern Exposure

  82. Please someone come to my aid!!! There was, and still is, a track with female vocals in it. Too vague, I’ve got more….. Violins and her voice starts off being filtered and sounds a bit robotic. Her words are hard to decipher. By the time I could start to understand the lyrics her voice was coming out of the filter. The words “Stay……With me night and daaaaaaay……Move……Be it everywaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…..” Supernaut has a “Panty Dropper Mixtape” for free download on his myspace – The violins and vocals are sampled in track #9, DJ Icey – Mas Hysteria. If anyone could help it would be much appreciated. That means you Sean and Hempy. You guys seem to know what’s up. Much Thanks……

  83. shawn from tpa // July 31, 2009 at 10:53 am // Reply

    Check out my blog for some mixtapes-

  84. shawn from tpa // September 15, 2009 at 11:07 pm // Reply

    DJ Lace – Feel Me (San Francisco Style)

  85. shawn from tpa // September 15, 2009 at 11:18 pm // Reply

    Chris & James – Calm Down (Bass Keeps Pumpin’) Kingsize Remix

  86. KIKI Says:

    March 14th, 2009 at 10:02 pm
    Hi guys,

    Also need help with a track. very sketchy tho I’m not sure what SHE actually sings but it’s really upbeat with Strong Pianos- house/rave tune- it’s a proper classic circa. 1990-1993… If I remember correctly she sings through a lot of the track…heres some of what she sings…
    Ok, here goes:
    “We’re gonna walk, (?) barefoot in the sand”
    “When love takes hold, when love takes hold” or possibly, “where lovers go, where lovers go”?

    Search youtube for:
    A Man Called Adam – Barefoot In The Head

  87. I always thought the “ARMAGEDDON” sample was from Def Leppard’s – “ARMAGEDDON IT”.

  88. Brendan – the song ‘everytime I close my eyes’ is…

    Freak Me by Red Seal – it also samples some Herbie Hancock

    Can anyone ID these tracks?
    1 – ‘Let Love Fill You Up and Overflooooooooooow’ (circa 1996)
    2 – I think it’s a remix of Manic’s Take Your Body Over Mine w/ a hip-house rap ‘take your body over mine, be with me til the nd of time, together we can move the system, so be aware take notes and listen…’
    3 – ‘Dance with the speaker till you hear it blow, b-b-blow, blow, blow, d-d-d-dance with the speaker, dance with the speaker’

    • in reference to question #3……chech out……..”boombox” by “biting back”…….that might be what you are looking for……the original sample is from eric b. & rakims’ ” I know you got soul”….pretty sure there is another track that samples that vocal and if I find it I will keep you posted brother…………peace………..hempey

    • 2 is Love Decade, the same people that did When the Morning Comes. I had it back in the day. I actually prefer the Manic version though.

  89. Shawn from TPA:
    The song ‘steppin on the dancefloor…don’t you wanna dance’ is:

    DJ Lace – Do The Funky Griddle – found on the Illegal Funk Vol 2 EP

    The other side of this record has one of may favorites – The Future – this one has the vocal ‘Experience, visualize, life – experience, visualize, time – experience, visualize, the future, the future, the future, the future….’

  90. Does anyone know who produced a remixed version of Tony Allen’s Take Me Higher? I’ve heard Dave London’s but know thats not it. Neither is DJ Viro. Armin Van Buren has played it in his “State of trance” compilation. Its pretty much non vocal except for the parts where a young woman’s voice says the only lyrics to the song which go: “aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh…….take me higher, higher, higher, higher, higher-aaaaahhhhhh” very fast paced electronica or dance?

  91. Aahz Reunion @ Beecham November 25th 2009!!!!!!!!!
    Ran across this thread when trying to find a song… Breaks I’d say 93-97 played more beachside, Marz, etc…had a creole rap in the middle which you couldn’t understand the male vocalist was going so fast.

    • check out “genaside II” “narra mine” OR “bassbin twins” EP #3…………..your description is kinda sketchy……..sorry sweets……………peace….hempey…….with the help of “dj slinkee”

      • YES!!!!! Thanks Hempey! It was Genaside’s narra could I have forgotten. Thanks that had been driving me crazy!

  92. Jack Dubious // October 23, 2009 at 8:37 pm // Reply

    Take Me Higher by The Modifiers

  93. shawn from tpa // October 27, 2009 at 5:17 pm // Reply

    Thanks matt,found out the track name a few weeks ago when I listened to a steve ware tape that had it on there.

  94. shawn from tpa // October 27, 2009 at 5:22 pm // Reply

    Space Girl – Hallucinate

  95. since u called this top 20 of early 90’s, and not my favorite early 90’s, i’ll be free to say something.
    few of this songs are top 20, but most of them dont belong in it. Where are Felix – Dont U want me, Bizzare Inc – Playing with knives, Inner City – Let it Reign, Blue Pearl – Can U fill the passion……..

  96. Yea “Freak Me” by “Red Seal” is the BOMB! I went through hell to get that record in Knoxville back then and then it got stolen! I wonder if that record is sampling anything. The name of the record company was “Robs Records” out of Chicago. I never Red Seal put anything else out either.
    I AM however looking for the name of a break track that came out around the same time that was basically a break version of “shit…got damm…let’s all go out and jam” does anyone know what record that was?

  97. I’ve grown quite fond of this thread, and thought I’d share a find with some people who share my taste in music.

    I just found some great sets for us to download. Try going to and search for kimball collins. He’s posted some great Aahz sets. If you search for djdxtreme, he has an Aahz tribute too. There’s some great music I haven’t heard in 20ish years…

    I’ll keep digging there, but please post any great oldschool sets you come across.

  98. Just to add, doing searches soundcloud for Andy Hughes, Q-Burn, Orlando, Chris Fortier, Grade E, and Aahz all get you to some great old sets.

  99. Hi,

    Does anyone know a rave track from back in the day that had the classic Belgian hoover sound I guess is was in the break beat genre with an organ breakdown but the voice sample was the sound of a woman’s voice singing “something good, that’s I’ve been looking for. something good, that’ swhat I really really want. Something good, that’s what I’ve been looking for ; something good that’s what I really really” and then another sample of different female voice saying (what sounds like to me) “perfect love .. . .perfect love” Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  100. Does anyone know who sings this song it’s techno starts out say something like” i think i love you babe” then it’s just music then it goes aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhaaaahhhhhhh …….” Take me hiiiiiiggher” towards the end it says higher higher higher. I know it was popular in the 90’s i thought it was delirium ,but i can’t find it. if anyone knows please shot me a E. lol email that is :-P.
    Tracy A

  101. shawn from tpa // December 16, 2009 at 8:38 pm // Reply

    Tracy A,only thing I can think of is X-Calibur(simply jeff)-higher.
    Is it breaks?
    I got this on vinyl and it was baby anne’s old record,lol.

  102. shawn from tpa // February 3, 2010 at 12:43 pm // Reply

    Anyone still come here?
    Ok I got a song was from 96 or so and the vocal hook went like this-
    I…I…I know… got… got… got to know,was a female voice.
    I know its not much to work with but it was a break/funky break mid 90’s track.

  103. MudpiemillionaireUK // February 7, 2010 at 8:55 pm // Reply

    Altern8’s “Top one = nice one ie I like the music or well done if you prefer, Nice one = good one or nice track for instance, Get sorted = get your drugs. I’m from Blackburn England UK. My town was know as Blackburn Boom Town in the late 80’s early 90’s as people from all over the country used to travel here for the illegal raves. They were out of this world! Alot of old skool tracks use northern lingo. Nice to see that the rave scene travelled the lenght and bredth of the globe! Peace…….

  104. Matt,

    The track you were asking about that samples “dance with the speaker till you hear it blow” from I Know You Got Soul is…

    Bitin’ Back – Boom Box

    Hey-hey-hey-hey everybody. The block party’s about to start. You can blow up the boom box. You can blow up the regular box. You can blow up the system. You can blow up anything. You can put it in your Mercedes, your 4×4, your Audi, your BMW, your Volkswagen, your skateboard. It doesn’t matter ’cause we’re gonna blow it up like this.

  105. Aaron,

    The “make me come” song is the AA side of Hear The Angels.

    Da Juice – C’mon C’mon (Mental Bass Mix)

    I remember this girl Julie used to have an orgasm every time she heard this at Simons.

  106. Thanks, Troy – I always wondered about that Boom Box tune. I can hear the Beat Club (Security) sample at the beginning of the “Da Juice” track – nice.
    Thanks to Mudpiemillionaire also – I never knew what “Get Sorted” meant.

  107. I want to touch you, to feel you, but, you dont understand. so come with me and take me to the promised land……..

    what is the name of that song? ive searched under “promised land” for YEARS and cant find it…. but, its great finding all the old music.
    i logged a few hundred sweaty overnight hours at aahz and the whole downtown area, before the edge and the dirty pills….way before the firestone….. the scene was good. i remember, we used to come out of the beecham in the morning about 7:30….. after a long hard night of kimball and stace working us out…totally soaked clothes…..all looking scary as hell im sure…. just as the sunday go to meeting catholic people were beginning to arrive downtown to the catholic church just up the block… they would be arriving as we slowly poured out and woked our way to our cars…going back to the house with a group of people.. and continuing the enjoyment well into sunday afternoon…..the way we must have looked to them, we all probably scared the crap out of them.

    • sorry I looked it up on Discogs and its DJ Roy Silver-Emotion EP-track title is Promised Land and there’s two mixes of it.

  108. shawn from tpa // February 19, 2010 at 12:02 pm // Reply

    Check out my blog-

    FLORIDA Old School Mixtape EXCHANGE is on Facebook

    kevin try asking someone on this site-

  109. Hi . does anyone know name of artist and track name from 1991 ( I think) . Very recognisable lyrics went ” don’t you fuck with me………I want you..outta my life…..” a slow , midday on Sunday house track !
    Back in the day .

  110. From the East // March 1, 2010 at 2:05 am // Reply

    Memories. Memories. I grew up on the Orlando scene in those early days. No one will ever understand except for those late night groovers. It was definately an era. All Vibe. Thanks for the memories.

  111. I used to have a mix tape my kimball collins. It had the lyrics in one song that went “If this is your , then your house is mine.” It was from an xmas rave. Anyone have any clue what it was called?

  112. Remember walking into clubs with back packs on selling acid and beans ib front of security. If some one fell out, they took him out to get some fresh air and through them right back in. Dancing for hours chugging the water and loving everyone. Yeah I was an Orlando club baby.

  113. Hi all….great great thread….it all started back at 911 in tampa for myself. Then Evolution in Ybor then trips up to the Edge in orlando waiting in a line that went around the block….they would play Jump Around by House of Pain around 1:30 am then go into House/Techno sets….then it was on. We would close it down and head back to Tampa in awe. Eventually ended up at UCF and went to Firestone, Icon, etc…..those were tha days.

    ANybody remember the song that had the Hey Jude sample….and then it would go Oooh, alright….let me know. Thanks for the great memories!!!!

  114. Help…Who song that song that got EVERYONE going…the words were “The Rhythm is Hot”? I LOVED the Orlando Scene. I was a club kid at Firestone in the early 90’s. Now I am married, two kids and a corporate job but will always (heart) the old skool scene!
    Help me with that song PLEASE!

  115. To T G: I believe you are thinking of M.A.N.I.C. – “I’m Comin Hardcore”. See #11 on the list! (I just embedded a youtube of it)

  116. I found my own song…..Jude on a Ragga Tip….it was some white label.

    It’s on youtube and still rocks almost 20 yrs later.

  117. monkeybrain // March 7, 2010 at 9:00 am // Reply

    there’s some knowledgable ppl on here. any one help me ID a tune from probably around 92, or 93?

    trouble is i dont know much about it. this is what i remember:

    a funky acid track. stood out as being different to pretty much anythign else i was hearing at the time (which was mostly detroit techno and strait up acid/early trance) cos it had a soulful vocal, and quite possibly wasnt 4-to-the-floor either (may have been funkier programmed drums, or maybe even a breakbeat). i dont think there were any lyrics, it was just a male voice going “aah” or “eyy” or something in the breakdown (I think with reverse reverb on, so it sounded a little spooky), and then the drums and TB303 line would drop back in.

    anyone who went to the orbit in morley/leeds UK in the early 90s will have heard this track endlessly. at the time i wasnt sure if i liked it or not cos it seemed a little too soulful or something, or a bit dated, like 80s electro, but eventually it grew on me a bit, and now i think i’d probably really b feeling it a lot (yes, i know, took my time ha ha). unfortunately i never bothered to find out what it was, or if i did ive since forgotten.

    any help would really b appreciated.

    • damn monkeybrain… know EVERYTHING about that track….EVERTHING, except for the name and artist……hope you find it bro…..sorry I couldn’t help…….peace….

  118. BILL G… THAT WAS IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much! I also LOVE Toni Di Bart, “The Real Thing”.

    Wow what a blast from the past!

  119. hi, looking for a track lyrics go, higher, higher, let the music take control, think its from the 90s, its not darlude or d-traxx can anybody help?

  120. Your number one choice is awesome. I’ve been trying to look for song for awhile. Carl cox has this song in one of his mixes and now I found it through your 20 picks. Hearing about the 1990s rave scene makes me think damn i wish i was 20 at the time than being 5yrs old. Keep it up with your tunes.

  121. Hey, I have been dying to find a song from classic rave days, probably 1990ish. I believe it si called Majorca but not sure. Chorus, “Hey Majorca, hey, hey, heyy majorca”. It was one of my favorites. if anyone knows the name or artist or anything I would love some feedback. thnx

  122. hey nicole……sorry for the untimely response………in response to your question on the “architect” song……the only track that comes to mind after reading your question says the following…..”I am an architect, I am a pioneer” and that is a remix of a song called “faster” by “manic street preachers” by “the chemical brothers” (I’m pretty sure) the mix is called the “7-11 dub” off the album called “La tristesse durera”…… the following……”manic street preachers faster 7-11 dub La tristesse durera”………..hope that helps……….take care……….hempey

  123. In response to Matt….10/10/09……8:30am… reference to question #3……check out……..”boombox” by “biting back”…….that might be what you are looking for……the original sample is from eric b. & rakims’ ” I know you got soul”….pretty sure there is another track that samples that vocal and if I find it I will keep you posted brother…………peace………..hempey

  124. I’ll be checking back every few or so………….keep the questions coming…………”without music……….we have nothing………….”………………peace…………..hempey…………

  125. Hi i’m trying to find a song I heard about 15 years ago on dream fm (leeds pirate radio station). The lyrics where somthign like this

    take me to the ski above and we can fly on the wings of love.

    thats all i can remember unfortunately -it might be wrong as well!!!

    It had a huge piano introdcution and femal voclas.

    Thanks in advance


  126. Evilestgem // June 14, 2010 at 7:58 pm // Reply

    All a pile of shit no offence, at that time the music in your list didn’t know what it was or wanted to be. Overall most songs then were not only badly produced but more often than not were nothing more than a mixed mesh of crap cheesy samples poorly ripped from movies and/or other songs often coupled with often poor drum n bass. Personally it was only after 1993, when it was refined, did it actually begin to sound well. Though ofc people will disagree because it brings back memories of being off their tits and the memory of these songs may bring back that memory, still doesn’t make the song good though. Below are two examples of the refinement that I talked about earlier. (ignore the video in the second one, the refinement of this form of media would come much later :P) which I think are much better tunes.



    • You have to remember that Deee-Lite’s World Clique came out in 1990, and Stereo MC’s Connected in 1992. A date of ’93 (or any date) for ‘refinement’ is tough. I have several Kimball and Sasha mixes that date much earlier than ’93, and they have beautiful musicality and refinement. There were serious dudes putting out great music pre-93. Carl Cox, Derrick May, Kevin Saunderson, Juan Atkins, Aphex Twin, KLF, Orbital, Orb, 808 State, Utah Saints, Age of Love, Cosmic Baby, even Jaydee…

      That said, I also get some of what you’re saying. There were certainly iconic tracks from that era that fit your sample-centric view (Spice and Speed Racer certainly fit the bill). I love all of it, but I can understand those that don’t. I came into the scene from Vangelis, Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk, Art of Noise, and other early electronic artists.

  127. monkeybrain // June 20, 2010 at 12:46 pm // Reply

    @evilestgem – while most of the music listed here is too commercial for me to get all that excited by it, the idea that good, or “refined” electronic music only came about after ’93 is complete nonsense (apart from the fact that refinement is not always a good thing anyway). there were plenty of people making refined electronic music even 10 years before your cut-off date. you ever heard of juan atkins? YMO?

  128. I am trying to remeber the name of this group that came out of Fa in 1990-92 they only had one cd that i know of. There biggest song was “burn it down” and the last song on there cd i believe was “i am god” if you could help me out with that groups name that would be great.

  129. Morgan,

    I think you are referring to Psykosonik.


  130. Outlander’s Vamp was def one the greatest anthems of all time! –

  131. allthatwhichis // November 8, 2010 at 4:23 pm // Reply

    Thank you Bill G for posting this. I have been trying to find the name of Horizontal Lambada for years and I found it here; page bookmarked!

    We must have hung out at some point at the same club; I still live close to O-town and seeing you mention the Edge brought a tear to my eye. I can’t beleive what it is today… Long live Evolutions at Firestone!

  132. Who sings ” we’re gonna have a orgasm that you can’t even comprehend” ?

  133. you never lived if you never heard nalin and kane beachball, was the best no contest. except for kklass

  134. you never lived if you never heard nalin and kane beachball, was the best no contest. except for kklass oh and Liverpool/Manchester England is where it was really at, and where it started, the quadrant park and hacienda

    • Hey felix – quadrant park, hacienda, the mardi, 051, the 100, the PSV – oh the good times! are you THE DJ felix ?

  135. Wow! what a treat to find this thread… I too came up in the house scene in Florida. First time was at Simon’s when you had to have a membership :) I got out when it all became all about the drugs and not the luv of music. Anyone remember 4th of July at the Edge 1992? Not good times… but before that, it sure was! Also, wanna know if anyone remembers a song with a sample of a woman singing “Night and Day.. yeah, yeah.. Night and Day…
    Please help! I got nothin’ but love for all the people here :)

    • Darnit Julie! I know the song, and have it on some mixes… but I can’t remember who does the song.

      If you’re on facebook, you should do a search for “FLORIDA Old School Mixtape EXCHANGE” and join the group. There’s a whole community that’s committed to the old skool scene. Many have gone through and converted their old mix tapes to mp3, and everyone is pretty cool about helping others remember songs/artists/etc…

  136. JOJO!
    I found the song! It’s “Mallorca” by Lewis Lovebump. Enjoy!

  137. WOW!!!!! For me it started in High School 90, 91 at Visage and then went to the Edge JJ Whispers, Cloud Nine, OZ, Beacham (depending on what year) Zuma, again the Edge, Barbarella, Fat and Jazzy @ Sapphire,Chillers on Wednesday, free bear on Tuesdays, I worked at the Olive Garden on Church Street. Jungle Jim’s for mixed drinks, Sloppy Joe’s for fun and excitement with stupid college boys. The Edge, again. OMG do you remember the haunted house that was there forever. All of ’em but for me mostly the Edge! The most diverse place in O-Town. I miss the Freedom of attending anything, anywhere, without having to answer to anyone. Lesson I learned from some great friends I made in Orlando. Still don’t take shit now, thanks Guys! Miss you, Love you!!!! Can’t believe he dge is a church and Visage is a Home Repair Warehouse. If they only knew the things I did in the bowels of those places.

    • Jenn, your experience is very similar to mine. JJ Whispers, The Edge, Visage, Barbarella, Firestone. I remember the haunted house – Terror on Church Street! Shame that Church St is only a shell of its former self.

  138. allthatwhichis // March 22, 2011 at 12:18 pm // Reply

    JJ Whispers, The Edge, Visage, Barbarella, Firestone. I remember the haunted house – Terror on Church Street…

    WHERE DID IT ALL GO!!? O, wait Firestone is still here, but it ain’t the same. :(

  139. Hiii everybody.. I just wanna ask you about a song.. Actually it`s a techno.. It was during the end of the 90`s.. The only thing i know about the clip is that when it start you have a scientific putting a glass under a microscope and when he looks in it he saw 2 tiny guys playing steel drum.. PLZ,, am searching for that song for a long time.. If someone knows about what am talking,, just give me the title of it.. I really hope you will help me..

  140. Get your fill of 1990’s FL Rave music here with these full-night recordings!!

    Energy 1 Rave [High-Quality] (Edge Orlando):
    Energy 2 Rave [High-Quality] (Edge Orlando):
    Passion 2 Rave [High-Quality] (Edge Orlando):
    Hyperspace 1 Rave [High-Quality] (CFL Fairgrounds Orlando):
    Hyperspace 2 Rave [High-Quality] (CFL Fairgrounds Orlando):
    Hyperspace 3-Night1 Rave [Various-Quality] (CFL Fairgrounds Orlando):
    Hyperspace 3-Night2 Rave [Various-Quality] (CFL Fairgrounds Orlando):
    Harmony 4 Rave [High-Quality] (Edge Jacksonville) :
    Edge Late Nite 1994 [High-Quality] (Edge Jacksonville, FL):
    Edge Late Nite 1995 [High-Quality] (Edge Jacksonville, FL):
    Club Euphoria w/ Kimball Collins [High-Quality] ( (Jacksonville):
    Club Euphoria w/ Hardkiss Brothers [High-Quality] (Jacksonville) :
    Club Euphoria w/ Kimball Collins Rejoice Party [High-Quality] (Jacksonville):
    The Zoo Party w/ DJ ICEE & J-LUV [Medium-Quality] (Melbourne) :

  141. allthatwhichis // May 23, 2011 at 10:49 pm // Reply

    Wow, very nice list of sets Matt! Do you really work with lasers also? If so, hit me up at It is a laser show forum. Lasers are my obsession right now; I am trying to get my 1W RGB projector varienced to do professional shows here in the O-Town area.

    What are the .7z file extensions?

  142. allthatwhichis // May 25, 2011 at 1:54 pm // Reply

    WOW, thanks again Matt; that’s like 202 days of music… :O I have barely gotten down 3 hours.

    Also, again, thank you Bill for posting your oldskool list.

    @Havnish, yer gonna have to get a bit more specific. Not sure we can get you a title with just a “clip” setting.

  143. allthatwhichis // July 13, 2011 at 5:11 pm // Reply

    Hey Laser Matt; I created a laser show to a small snippet of the Various DJs – Energy 1 Rave – The Edge (Orlando, FL), time 744:42 to 748:12. I normally do not provide a music file with my laser shows when selling them because of copyright issues.

    Might you be able to assist me with getting the artist and song title for this section of the recording? I want to make sure I stay on the legal side of copyright laws but would hate to have everyone download the whole recording and cut out that snippet to be able to watch the show correctly. It was a pain in the ass for me as no audio program I have would open the whole file. I had to play the part on one player, run a cable from the output on my PC back to the input on the same PC and use soundbooth to record that snippet of the recording…

    Any assistance is appreciated.

  144. @Havnish: I’m looking for the same song right now!! I’ve spent hours online trying to find it. Did you ever figure out the name and artist?

    For those willing to help, yeah, the video is pretty much a guy, supposedly a scientist, running around, looking at this (maybe?) blue goo under the microscope, where the guys are drumming. There are no words in the song, at least not that I recall. In the clip the guy takes the sample of this goo and runs to a club and music starts louder, everyone’s dancing, etc. I know it’s not much, but that’s all I’m able to come up with.

  145. I just want to say its soo brilliant to hear that you were over there dancing in the states to all this rave music- whihc I always think of as mainly refined to the UK- so good to see you diggin all the Brit rave tunes of the day whihc still make me feel high as a kite… Of course Prodigy, SL2, Orbital, BabyD and Altern8 top faves of mine… what are your thoughts on the jungle scene too? A lot of Prodigy’s stuff is pretty jungley and the the old skool remixes of Baby D’s Let me B your fantasy by collectives such as Helter Skelter are phenomenol. Strangley foudn an old tape in my car from 97 with such a mix on recently and was listening- hence googled Baby D to re-light my senses! Took me waaay back to raving round fires in the woods of Dartmoor in Devon here in the UK. Then enjoying the rave scene in the early 00s in Bristol, Cardiff, Plymouth London and Birmingham- the clubs were phenomenol at this time. RAVE on. x

  146. PS ‘Charley says’ was a charactor of a government campaign in the 70s for public safety for stuff like stopping kids talking to strangers and crossing the road safely etc etc!!

  147. just saw DJ Felix comment and he’s right- it all started in Machester… at the Hacienda- to learn mroe you should watch 24 hour Party People whihc is based n the real story of the scene at that time… check out Primal Scream, the Happy Mondays, The Shamen…i could go on and on…..

  148. Great list! Thanks for putting this up!

    Does anyone know a techno rave song–I think it’s from the early 90s–I think it samples the theme song from the Omen Ave Satina. Ring a bell anyone?


  149. Jamie - Stevenage // June 7, 2012 at 3:47 am // Reply

    ive been trying to find the name / artist of the following track from coventry eclipse days, 20 years its taken me, please, does anyone know the name of the track at 27 mins…….. please write, virtual round of applause for the correct answer!!

  150. nice one top one get sorted……that’s a typical english type sayin
    ….nice one …well thanks mate….top one….sorta the same but also number 1….get sorted ….well sort of self explanatory…get wrecked, stoned, hammered, bolloxed, caned

    great times and great sounds

  151. Edsel Arcibal Calamba Laguna Philippines // September 7, 2012 at 11:27 pm // Reply

    Im so impress in the sound of the oldskool especially those sound that will surely catches your attention , Its amazing and make a big crowd of dancers going too hype………………………..Dj Academy Philippines…….

  152. Bill, I also was at UCF in Orlando from 1991 – 1996! I know every song you posted in yr awesome article here. My good friends opened up the Abyss & that was our hang out for the time it was there. Just wanted to tell you thank you for the walk down memory lane!! With husband and kids now I sure needed it! Thanks again, Sam

  153. Hi – thanks for the trip down memory lane…I do a bit of dj work on the side – and have the lord of acid one in my mix. I like the momentary ‘what the f***’ face the clubbers get and then they get it. But there is one song on my old mix-cds from that time that I also play that people love and I can’t for the life of me remember who did it – can anyone help? I know it will all come to me when I know, but for the moment it’s alluding me – should have been more clear-headed in those rave years… 😉

    The two main lyrics are:
    I’m on a mission from God, listen all you suckas, and
    WHFD start the panic.

  154. These are some great tunes – I revisit the 90-94 techno stuff fairly often, but I totally forgot about Return of the Living Acid “Get Funky” – amazing! Does anyone remember a tune that started with the Roger Miller sample that would end up years later in that annoying Hampster Dance song? It was on a comp I had back in the day & would love to hear it again, even if it’s a cheesy novelty song!

    • Haystack – are you referring to “Bad Base” by B.T.B.?

      If that’s the one, you might be interested to know it’s on Best of Techno Vol 2 (from Profile records) which also has “Get Funky” on it.

      – Bill

  155. Yes! That’s it – thanks Bill!! I guess I must have faintly recalled those tunes were on the same comp. Nice to hear them again all these years later …

  156. did i miss josh wink’s higher state of consciosness somewhere?

    • Andrew Watson // April 29, 2013 at 3:54 pm // Reply

      Yes! they played that all the time at The Edge. Also, Rage Against the Machine – Killing in the Name Of and Violent Femmes. There was another one that featured a lady singing “Taaaaaaaake meeeee awaaaaaay!” and it’s been stuck in my head for years!

  157. We would like to introduce you to a little thing called STEREO.. First the bass… Then the hihat and snare osv osv. Can someone remember some of this lyrics ?

  158. Thank you for being on top of things. Very cool to hear some lost hits from the 90’s.

    Personally, I always thought “Bomb Scare”, by 2 Bad Mice was pretty bad ass too.


  159. I got to thank you, I started raving/clubbing back in 85. Thats when groove is in the heart was out, dee lite. Man I feel old, I soo miss the rave community, I still listen to newer stuff like dubstep, and yes I still shuffle like I did back then but we just called it freestyle. Anyway thanks for the inner tears of joy,listening, my ears are ringin! Much love and oneness! Dance on!!

  160. “My 5-year-old son asked me if he could have a pair of shoes like mine,” said Scott Garber, a Lancaster County computer specialist. “Now that the weather is warming up, he wears them all the time. He’s diehard.”

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  162. Orlando Old Skool // May 2, 2014 at 4:39 am // Reply

    Julie, if you still follow this blog and want an answer for your question “if anyone remembers a song with a sample of a woman singing “Night and Day.. yeah, yeah.. Night and Day…”, the song is Basskick from TNG

  163. Genuinely when someone doesn’t understand afterward its up to other viewers that they will help, so
    here it occurs.

  164. It’s wonderful that you are getting thoughts from this article as well as from
    our discussion made at this time.

  165. this article puts a pit in my stomach. these were the best times of my life. maybe someone can help me with this. i have been looking for this song every since the scene ended. they played it as the last song of the night/morning at Firestone. me and my friends used to call it the bubble song. we are talking 91-93.any clues?

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    If you know of any please share. Appreciate it!

  167. THANK YOU FOR THIS. I had a bunch of earwigs that you helped remove – but not before I danced my arse off. :)

  168. This is the only part i know of this techno song “i just cant go on, without you knowing where i stand and just where you belong” -please help

  169. This is the only part i know of this techno song “i just cant go on, without you knowing where i stand and just where you belong” -please help!!!

  170. Great list! Found it while searching for this one…

  171. Hi,
    I’m searching for many years a (techno/trance) song, that I think it’s from the lately 90’s or 2000/2001. I don’t remember so good the lyrics, but there’s a few words: … go with it! let take you higher! higher and … the whole world… to live true (the truth?) true. true…
    P.S. Sorry for my mistakes, I’m not native english speaker. Greetings.

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