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Top 10 Weird Movies

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It’s difficult to describe Takashi Miike’s Gozu (also known as Yakuza Horror Theater). It’s a Lynch-inspired, off-the-wall Yakuza fantasy that starts off with the murder of a cute little Chihuahua by a gangster named Ozaki who thinks it was a “Yakuza” attack dog. Are signals from the TV driving him crazy? When the main mob boss tasks Minami with knocking him off, strange circumstances lead Minami to the town of Nagoya, which is populated by some of the most bizarre characters you will ever see. The inn where Minami stays is run by an old woman who is constantly squeezing milk from her breasts into bottles. There’s the weird dude with a cow’s head and the re-appearance of Ozaki as a beautiful woman. There’s a guy who likes to shove a ladle up his ass to achieve orgasm. Then there’s the ending sex scene which climaxes with the weirdest birth this side of Xtro. More of a surreal comedy/drama than a gangster film, Gozu is unlike any of Miike’s other output. It probably should be taken metaphorically, as a literal reading of the storyline makes no sense (but that’s applicable to most of the movies on this list). There are readings of the movie as a homosexual parable, an examination of the masculine and feminine sides of a personality, and another point about a character’s need for mom – we think. Check it out for yourself – it’s awesome.

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